Lean business practices
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What are the best resources to learn about Lean methodology without taking a class?

I'm a VERY fast learner (and a speedreader) so I hate the boredom and time commitment of classroom learning. I would prefer to just read a book and learn a subject on my own.

I've hit a point in my life where I think my career would be enhanced by learning all about Lean methodology, but when I look it up online all I get is a general overview. I'm looking for resources that will allow me to get an in-depth understanding of Lean practices without taking a class.
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Steven Blank is the main advocate of the lean startup methodology.

I'd start with his site/books.
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Best answer: Eric Reis's Lean Startup is very popular in startup circles right now. It's more of a manifesto than a how-to guide, but it's relatively short.
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