college radio song ID
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Looking for an ID of a song playing on a college radio station.

I don't have a whole lot to go on, but here goes:

--repeating lyrics of "go on go on go on"
--don't know the exact genre, but it sounded vaguely experimental/acoustic/ambient
--female vocalist
--I think it was at least five minutes long, probably more

I tried emailing the station but didn't get a response, though I did get this description for that particular two hour music block from their website:

"Tune in with Gin Lane and groove to the finest folk an' blues throughout recording history. Interludes of live performance, poetry and music history. Requests encouraged but never pressured."

It didn't sound bluesy/folky to me, but there ya go....
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Very slim chance... Why Am I The One by fun.?
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Former college radio DJ here. Do they take requests over the phone? I would call during the next time this show is on the air to ask. Even if the DJ doesn't remember, most stations require their DJs to keep a written record of the playlist of each show.
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Eryka Badu?
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telegraph: "Even if the DJ doesn't remember, most stations require their DJs to keep a written record of the playlist of each show."

Mine didn't. But we were strictly a closed circuit TV and internet station, no actual radio listening. Yet it was still referred to as a radio station every time it was talked about.
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Is this what you mean by "experimental/acoustic/ambient"?
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Sort of like that song.

Re the suggestions sorry no hits yet.
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If you know the day/time the song was played, even if it's just a range, then you could see if the station has an archive. Mine had everything, and it would be pretty simple to go in and hear the song again if you can get lucky on this front.
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Yes, So On and On by Thao?
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Sorry neither of those either...

To theichibun when I emailed the station I included the exact time and date but no response so far.
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