Short term sublets in Venice, Italy
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Help finding housing in Venice for 2 weeks, June-July!

Hello all,

I am engaged in an architecture project related to designing recycling systems in Venice for 2 weeks this summer. Our home base will be at IAUV.

The dilemma: I've got to find a short-term sublet (2 weeks give or take, up to 3 weeks if I pay for an extra week) for myself or myself and classmates in Venice during this time. If it is not walking distance or cab distance to the university, I'll need to find a place near public transit or with a bike. What would be FANTASTIC is if someone could point me to places to look. I've checked Airbnb and craigslist. When I did this in France, I used a site called homelidays.

The other great thing would be for you to help me understand what are the names of neighborhoods or areas close to IUAV (Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia) and approximately the travel distances whether walking, cabbing or public transit-ing. My budget is about $1000-$1500 for the 2 weeks. This can vary if I find a place with space for more than me, i.e. a place with room for 2, 3, or 4 people. Of course, in the case of friends of friends, either I alone or a classmate and myself would be willing to pay for the stay as well.

Thank you in advance for your guidance. Can't wait! :) Please let me know if I've left any core info out. I'll be glad to provide it.

P.S. I am also looking at flying into another city in Europe and taking a train or cheap flight over to Venice. Any tips on this would be welcome also.
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Have you looked up serviced apartments for Venice?
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Response by poster: No, what's that?
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Trip Advisor might have some leads on short-term apartment rentals. You may also be able to get university accommodation in the summer, although I am not sure where to look for that. Perhaps a travel guidebook could help you with that.

Just FYI, to get around in Venice you either be walking or taking a boat or some combination of the two. There aren't cars or bikes in the main part of the city and the public transportation (vaporetto) is a "waterbus," basically a boat with commuter seats. The local transit agency is ACTV. There are taxis but they are boats too. The only buses, trains, and trucks go over the bridge to the mainland, and everything else gets done by boats, handcarts, and walking. This includes garbage and recycling pickup, so I am sure it would be a very interesting place to study recycling!

Plan on doing a lot of walking through narrow streets and over bridges and occasionally getting lost. :) Enjoy- it is a beautiful and unique place.
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IAUV is in Santa Croce, and that's very close to the bus drop-off point, and pretty close to the train station. If you can't find a place in Venice, maybe an apartment in Mestre, across the lagoon and much cheaper, would work. It would be a short commute, and the bus over is relatively inexpensive. The ACTV site gives you all the costs of public transportation, as well a map of stops.
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Have you tried AirBnB?
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They are also called extended stay hotels: furnished apartments with 24 hour reception. I have stayed at them in London, Paris, Zurich and Dublin. Citadines is one comapny.
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There are several listed on trip advisor. Click "Other" on the hotel page
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Also, getting from where you'll be at school to San Marco, for instance, would take around forty minutes on foot. Depending on which boat you take, going by water may be quicker. A trip to Cannareggio or the furthest part of Castello would probably be better by boat. But nothing is very far, really. That's part of what makes every place so expensive.

Here's Slow Travel Italy, meant for people staying for longer than a few days, and it has some rental listings as well as lots of other useful information.
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