Any port in a cell phone storm?
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Currently, I have a Virgin Mobile PAYG smartphone. I'd like to get a phone on my family's Sprint plan instead (for the same monthly price as Virgin, I can get unlimited whatever). However, Sprint says they can't port my phone number because Virgin is a reseller of theirs. I've heard that you can port your number to Google Voice for a small fee, and then have Sprint port the number to a Sprint phone, but this advice was found on a forum somewhere and no one backed up the claim that it actually worked. Would it work? Have you done this? I'd really like to keep my phone number, and before I risk losing it, I'd like to know. Thanks.
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I don't know - but it seems someone didn't get the memo. VM is not exactly a reseller, VM began as a co-owned venture with Virgin and Sprint, but Virgin Mobile is now totally owned by Sprint. They should be able to port the number if you are going to a Sprint contract. Talk to someone else there. Try going to a Sprint store.
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Response by poster: I did go to a Sprint store, and they said that since Virgin is part of Sprint, they can't port the number (I might have got confused about the reseller part -- I've spent a lot of time Googling before turning to AskMe -- my brain is jumbled). I can certainly try a different store.
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I'm surprised at that. The Sprint store reps work on commission or spiffs or points, and they should find a way! Their own VM display is right there in their stores as their prepaid system.

But check your MeMail for another idea.
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One issue with pre-paid phone numbers is that there is often no name on the account for them to verify, or at least that is what another company told me. You may have the same problem trying to get the number moved to Google.

I don't think there is a big risk of you losing the number. If you try to move it Google and it fails, it is still on your prepaid account. If Sprint can't get it from Google, you can still have those calls sent to your new Sprint number... I think.
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If they continue to insist that you cannot port from VM to Sprint, buy a $20 Verizon prepaid phone, port number to it, wait a few weeks or whatever is the required time and then port to Sprint.
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The Google solution might be better than you think. Just port your old # to Google Voice, then direct Google Voice to forward all your calls to your new Sprint #. They'll forward texts too, and they'll even transcribe your voicemails for you (badly).

I went from T-Mobile to Virgin in October and did just that (ported my number into Google Voice and left it there). In my case I did it because I wanted to use my phone with two area codes -- but I have been quite pleased with the result.
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