Did I destroy my Kindle?
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Did I ruin my Kindle? Can it be fixed?

I've got an older-gen e-ink Kindle, and last night while outside at a soccer game, I absent-mindedly stuck it in my pocket. I guess it was there for about five minutes. When I took it out, it looked fine, was still on the screensaver, nothing wrong. Took it home and thought nothing of it.

But later that night, when I tried to wake it, there was a black bar obscuring about the top inch of the screen. As I put it into sleep and then back out, it spread and got wierder, vertical and horizontal lines all over the place. It also got dimmer and unreadable in places. It's still "working" in that switching it from sleep to wake changes it from the menu to the sleep screen, but it's illegible and getting worse.

I can only assume some moisture got into it while it was in my pocket - it was hot outside and I was sweaty. I don't know anything about the e-ink tech, but I am afraid I may have destroyed it. Is there a way to save it? It was purchased as a refurbished unit from Woot (a long time ago), so warranty is out of the question.
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I'm afraid it's dead. Amazon describes this problem as "Kindle showing lines on screen" and it's a non-servicable problem. If it less than a year old then it is still covered by Amazon's limited warranty (even as a refurb unit) and Amazon will replaced it for free. If it is out of warranty, Amazon will replace it for $65 if you call 866-321-8851 and describe your problem.
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If it looks anything like this the screen is broken.

Even though you bought it from Woot I'd still try emailing Amazon, they tend to replace them no matter what.
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Nthing the fact that Amazon offers replacement trade in even for out of warranty Kindles.
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Wow ... based on your feedback, I contacted Amazon support through the website, they called me right away and, miraculously, it's somehow still under warranty. They're second-day-airing me a new one, no questions asked. Amazon is incredible.

Thanks, all!
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I'm on my third free replacement Kindle. This time I even got a newer model since the second gen has since been discontinued.
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FYI, it was probably bending that killed it, rather than moisture, in that short period of time.
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Yeah, really, customer service for the Kindle freaking rocks. Glad to hear you're all set!
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Bending ... that makes perfect sense ... thanks, all!
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