Where can I get a camera lens serviced in NYC?
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What are some good camera repair places in New York City?

I'm looking to get a lens examined and serviced (Canon canon 17-55mm f/2.8 is usm). Can you recommend a place to have it serviced?
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Best answer: This place is getting great reviews, and if B&H are sending people there, then they must be doing something right.
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If you've got a car, then just head to the main Canon Service Center in Jamesburg, NJ. Its really close to the city and they accept walk-ins. While not the most convenient option, its definitely the best one. I wouldn't take my gear anywhere else (but then again, I earn my living with it so I can't trust it to anyone else).
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My boyfriend loves Phototech on 13th St. They repaired a Nikon lens for him after an unfortunate accident in about a day.
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You could maybe call places like B&H or Adorama and ask if there's anyone that they recommend?
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B&H tells people to go to Chrysler Camera, and they're very reliable.
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