Wine Bistro in Las Vegas Near the Airport?
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I ate at a great little restaurant in Las Vegas about 3 years ago that I'm trying to find while I'm here this week. These are the details I remember about it - it was near the airport, not attached to any hotel, specialized in wine, had a European bistro feel to it, had great food. I think it may have been in a strip mall but not positive. And I seem to remember it had numbers in the name, but again, not positive. I'm on a business trip and would love to find it, or something like it. I'm staying at South Point, so being easy to get to from here without having to deal with Strip traffic is a plus.
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If you don't get an answer here, maybe try the message boards at
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Not near the airport, but you may be remembering Rosemary's Restaurant... And if you aren't, maybe you should be... it is amazing!

Update... they closed... SO SAD!
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This place?
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Table 34? Thought about going to this place the last time I was in Vegas... It's in a strip mall not far from the airport.
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I have had a couple of the best meals of my life at Rosemary's but sadly, that's not it because, as milqman says, they're closed. The others aren't it either. Thanks for the suggestions, though!
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Todd's Unique Dining is in a strip mall and is SE of the Strip. Could that be it?
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