For the love of Pete, please find me shorts that sit at the waist!
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Are women's shorts that fit at the waistline illegal these days?

I want coverage. I do not want a muffin top. I want shorts that sit at the waist. Specifically, I want Bermuda shorts, preferably 12" inseam, but if I have to settle for 10", I will. Denim or neutrals are okay. Cargo style is okay for a couple of pairs. Lighter material is better as I am in Texas. I also want belt loops.

Extras like a slimming front panel, no-show waist, etc. are all fine, but I need to have the above features and I don't want any dang old sit-on-the-hips shorts, by golly. I'd also prefer not to pay out the nose - not more than maybe $30/pair? Sound okay?

Where do I find these rare jewels? I'm in Austin, but willing to mail order for my dream shorts.
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I bet Lands' End would have something you'd find appealing.
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L.L. Bean? They seem to fit the bill, except they're slightly pricier than $30/pair.
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Have you tried Lands' End? These look like they match your most important criteria of fit, and I will say that their fits tend to be very generous, as are their sales. If you signed up for their mailing list, there are often coupons or sales that would take these below $30.
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I think the Lands' End ones that jetlagaddict linked to are wonderful, because they are about as far away from something like these as you can possibly get.

Have you considered finding a pair of pants that fit the way you like and having them chopped off into shorts?
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I came to suggest LL Bean and Lands End. A much less stylish option (or much more hipster-y option) would be Vermont Country Store.
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Kmart, or ,

Er... I was just at LL Bean's at midnight last night -- most of their stuff is puffy waist. I mean, I tried on several pairs of pants and meh. I bought a white pair of Capris because I had a credit, but no WAY would I pay full price at Beans.

I usually go to Kohl's or Macy's or a similar dept. store and buy the stuff on sale.
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Incidentally, shorts that sit at the waist are super trendy this season, not illegal at all! I haven't seen a high waisted bermuda style but there are tons of high waisted culotte-type shorts in stores right now, like at Urban Outfitters.
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Kohls shorts.
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Coldwater Creek's offering, but a bit more than $30. Wait for sales.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far - I forgot to mention that I checked Kohls and Target in person today and was unable to find anything there except for some stuff at Kohls on the sale rack. Their website has a lot more than their in-person store does, and it's a heck of a lot better organized. But I got bit with some Lee shorts from there that scream "LOOK AT MAH BELLY!" so I'm a bit dubious about their descriptions of waist height.

Shirts on the other hand, Kohls had a bunch of basic shirts in-store for under $10, which was nice.
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Yeah, these are definitely trendy now -- try searching for "high waisted shorts" instead of "shorts." I'm sure the quality is hit and miss but Forever21 has loads.

Thrift stores are also a good place to look...!
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Nthing the Land's End. I actually really like the Fit 2 ones, but they are obviously a lower-rise fit. So pretty!
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Is your waist significantly smaller than your hips? If not, I would just go to the men's dept ( posting as one who is fed up with women's pocket shrinkage).
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I brought a few pairs of St. John Bay Bermuda shorts from JCPenny last year that sit at my waist and hit right above the knee.
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Decent Exposures shorts can be made (and re-made) to measure, and sit at the waist - prices vary. They are definitely on the less-hip side of things, though I can't speak from experience about how these shorts look in person - their shirts and skirts are nicer in person than in the catalog. (Note that the shorts page shows "lavender" and "blue" as part of the product names..they actually do all of their clothing in a range of colors.)
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You want Royal Robbins which is available cheap at places like Sierra Trading Post and REI outlet. I have had sets of Billy Goat shorts for *sigh* close to two decades. Sturdy, functional and I guess, attractive. My choice in post-apocalypse clothing.

Lands End also is choice and so is LL Bean.
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I found you the shorts and under your price point here.
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I dress extremely conservatively for my age and have a great collection from Brooks Brothers, Lilly Pulitzer, Cape Madras, and Talbots. In my experience, the stuff that Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Lacoste, and the like make tend to be too revealing; the "clothing" J. Crew sells is always of questionable quality. Definitely avoid synthetic fabrics at all costs.

Also, FWIW, my mother and grandmother wear a lot of stuff by Eileen Fisher, J. Jill, and Tommy Bahama.
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I can't wear pants or shorts that sit at my waist, I can't wear J. Jill shorts or pants. So I would suggest trying J. Jill :o)
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Response by poster: Quick followup on these - if anyone else is going through the same thing, if you can find Not Your Daughter's Jeans on sale, they actually sit just above the waist and have a "slimming panel" to prevent a pooch. Normally they're pricey, but I found some at the half-yearly sale at Nordstrom for my price point. They are also all over eBay.
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