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Help me help a friend: which (probably romantic-era) composer wrote a piece about a Chinese lacquer box? I have searched like crazy and found nothing.
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Response by poster: I am wondering whether it isn't actually Debussy, but my friend said that Chinese was specified.
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Graeme Revell?
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could you give more details about the piece? Which instrument was it written for? Can your friend give you any details about the music itself -- ie was it in a typical Western style (with traditional harmony)? Does your friend know if it was inspired by Chinese music or just a Chinese lacquer box?
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Response by poster: That is the only information I've been given and the only information my friend has. It is Western music by a Western composer.
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I thought there was a lacquer box in Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, but after a lazy effort, search engines are telling me that that is how some reviewers described the set of a specific performance. Still, if you have more energy than I, maybe explore that route?
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The relevant Debussy piece of course being La boîte à joujoux (The Toybox). But as you noted, it’s not really about the box, and there’s no connection with China that I can think of.

I think this is what figment of my conation was thinking of, but it doesn’t seem like a soundtrack is a great fit either.

TIm Ashley’s description of Ravel’s Ma mère l'oye (Mother Goose) as a Chinese box seems to be entirely his own imagery.

This is a hard one to crack.
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By the way, IMSLP (the botched link from my previous response) has a beautiful set of illustrations for La boîte à joujoux by André Hellé that may be of interest regardless.
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