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Hi, what's the best luck you've had for finding a babysitter online? I don't know any good sites.
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Where are you located? I think word of mouth is usually best, but if you have a local parenting Yahoo group or site, that's a good place to start asking.
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We had good luck at If you join them, I recommend scoping out the number and types of listings in your neighborhood before you fork over the money for joining. What I liked about them was that we posted our job and babysitters applied to us.
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We have had great luck with craigslist. Requesting a resume really whittles down the applicants, as does using titles like ' childcare assistant.' Most recently, we posted the ad in the education jobs section and only received resumes from recent teaching grads who were looking for some extra cash.
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I actually just saw a commercial for the other day. I don't know much about it, but you could have a look into that.
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Another vote for I've also had luck placing an ad with the local colleges' employment offices and by using a local parenting board.
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For my area at least, is better that and sittercity is better than Craigslist. I don't live in an urban area though, if you do then neighborhood yahoo parenting groups are probably the best place to start.
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Another vote for local parenting discussions. I use our local yahoo groups - and also seconding the career office of the local college.
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We've had good luck with sittercity, though I feel like people on sittercity might charge more than if we went through craigslist or a local group. We're in a pretty high price area, though.
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My first choice would be facebook, asking my friends if they have teens that are responsible and experienced with babysitting. Also asking my friends who they would recommend.

If you are really in a bind and don't know anyone in your area, call the local pre-schools and ask if they could introduce you to a few of their teacher assistants. Choose one of them, chances are they have already passed a background check.
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I found two great sitters through, as well as a few so-so ones.

Before that I had tried craigslist. I accidentally hired a prostitute to look after my kids.
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We've used Sittercity, but had better luck calling a local daycare and asking if anyone freelance babysat.

Background check and ECE education, worked out great.
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We've posted to the jobs website of our local university, which has an education department and many early childhood development specialists. That has gotten us many good applicants.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone :)
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