HELP: google contacts seems to be psychotic!
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Google contacts seems to be getting increasingly problematic for me. In some contact records, I have over a dozen random email addresses assigned to a contact (that have no relation at all). In others, the contact email is legitimate, but is now named after some individual I have never ever had any form of contact with, apparently through some google+ functionality (I have not signed up for google+). Aside from ditching this increasingly crappy platform, any advice how it make this work? I cant see hand fixing thousands of contacts....
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I had this problem too - all my contacts went screwy when I flashed a new ROM on my Android phone and tried to sync my contacts. In one hilarious twist, it decided that my girlfriend had my ex's email address. That was never going to end well.

I fixed it by logging in to Gmail, picking Contacts from the drop down menu, then pressing "more" and "restore contacts". At this point you can, unsurprisingly, restore your contacts to exactly how they were at a previous date chosen by you. Going one day back fixed the problem for me and it hasn't happened again. Bit of a pain if you've added new contacts recently, but it's probably your best option. Good luck!
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Google+ seems to continuously update some contacts to the wrong person, people I dont even know. So that solution wont do it I am afraid. I need to know how to shut off a service that I dont think I have ever turned on.
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