Jack Nicholson's Glasses in Easy Rider
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What type of glasses is Jack Nicholson wearing in Easy Rider?

In his scene stealing performance in Easy Rider, Jack Nicholson wears some pretty sharp eyeglasses with clip on shades. Does anyone know what brand/model they are?
There are some good pics of them in this gallery, about halfway down (spoiler alert!).
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I had a pair of those--the style is called Browline, and the brand is almost certainly Shuron. American Optical and Ray-Ban make similar styles.
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Forgot to include ArtCraft's Clubman line.
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I had a pair of Ray-Ban club masters with prescription clear lenses and clip on shades back in the 80s. They were pretty much the same as my granddad (and Ncholson) had back in the 60s.
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You can't go wrong with Shuron. They have four different temples to choose from, greater size range, the option for clip-ons, and Made in USA (if that matters). And are considerably cheaper than the Ray-Bans. I ordered mine from Optometric Attic.
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