I require lentils.
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We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and do not have a working stove or oven, but I'm really in the mood for a lentil dish for dinner. Help?

I think we have a bag of Goya lentils somewhere, but we can go out and purchase lentils or any other ingredients that are needed. For cooking, we have an electric skillet similar to this one, this rice cooker, and a microwave. Any ideas/recipes for a yummy non-soup lentil dish that I can cook without a stove?
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Sausage with lentils, with a side of rice.

I have made lentils in the rice cooker, but I'd probably use the electric skillet. Brown the sausages whole, put them aside and make the lentils, slice the sausage, put into the lentils to finish cooking for a few minutes.
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Not to be all, 'here let me google that for you' but I've been on a lentils kick recently and have seen tons of recipes for cooking them in a rice cooker. (Which always slightly gripes me because I haven't got a rice cooker.)

At any rate, it's a fairly common cooking method. You could also do mujadara by frying the onions in the electric skillet. Enjoy!
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I cook lentils in the rice cooker all the time. I'd do lentils + stock + herbs/seasonings in the rice cooker as a basic recipe. Mujadara is always spectacularly good.
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Trader Joe's also has pre-cooked lentils if that's an option where you are.
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You can make lentils in the electric skillet. I make them when I visit my mom, who also does not currently have a working stove. I usually saute some combination of onions/carrots/celery/garlic/etc and cook the lentils. Fairly similar to what I do at my own place where I have a working stove. Season with whatever herbs and spices.

The electric skillet is pretty good for that type of one dish meal...it's when you want to make something separate like a sauce or something that things get tricky.
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