What's the closest app to a paper notebook for android?
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I would like to find a notetaking application that is flipable. Rather than having to open and close various, lists, tabs or folders of notes I want basically one very long note pad with several pages. Basically I'm hoping to find an app that is exactly like a small paper notebook that you would put in your pocket. It's not one note, it's not ak notes, it's not Evernote. Does anyone have any suggestions? Bonus points if it is sinkable.
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Have you tried Clear?
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I'm using an android, So that's not an option. I'm looking for more of a notebook rather than a to do list, but thank you for your suggestion.
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Pensupremacy, an app for Android tablets, appears to be a clone of Penultimate, an iOS app which I like a lot and seems to meet your requirements. But I don't think it would work on an Android smartphone.
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I use nlists for notetaking rather than listmaking, it's free on android. It's not exactly what you've asked for but the simple navigation is a bit like page flipping.
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Sorry, let me clarify clarify I'm on an android Samsung galaxy S2, not a tablet so I'm not running honeycomb.
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You could try Epistle.
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I have no idea what you mean by one very long note... what's preventing you from having one long note in any of those apps you mention?

I'm on an S2 and I use Catch. It has tons of features which you don't seem to want but you can definitely have one long note if that's what you wish.
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I meant a long notepad with many pages. Key for me is whether or not it is flip-able or are turnable or perhaps scrollable. I wanted to be as close as possible to a paper notepad that you would put in your pocket. Instead of going back to the index to open a note and then close it and repeat the process every time, I want to simply scroll through the whole thing. You could have one very long notes, but that's not nearly as intuitive as pages are because that appeals to spatial memory.

Looked into Nlists. company that makes it also makes something called natural notes. If anyone sees this post. That's getting closer to what I'm looking for. It allows you to keeps scrolling through all of the notes with a button. It's not exactly but it's getting pretty close. If anyone else has any suggestions I would welcome them.
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Have you tried Workflowy?
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Work flow y looks nice, not quite what I was looking for, but a good idea. Thanks. If any one else has ideas...
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Found it by chance: FreeNote (and FreeNote+)

absolutely brilliant implementation: gesture swipe (scroll) for multiple pages (screens), tag, etc.

Input for Chinese and English via handwriting or keyboard. Paint and add inpictures by layers which are editable. grow and shrink text size by gesture.
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