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I need to get me and my luggage from BWI to DC and back to BWI. Help!

Coming into BWI on a Thursday mid-morning, leaving BWI on Sunday mid-morning. We will be coming up from DC that morning. Are there reputable, yet relatively inexpensive car services available that will pick up from the hotel and take us directly to the airport? are there other options (besides a cab) that I'm overlooking? Is Amtrak a viable alternative? My goal is here not so much to save money as it to save hassle and time.

I used to live in the area and am well versed in MARC. I'd really prefer not to use MARC here because I'm pregnant and can't really be lifting my luggage all around the MARC train. Also, we're coming back on a Sunday when MARC doesn't run.
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Super Shuttle is the standard airport transportation there. They're part of the Washington Flyer service in the DC area.

There's also Amtrack, which does run on Sunday. It's a little more than MARC, but may fit your schedule better. It's the same Union Station to BWI train station, then shuttle to the airport process.
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Sadly there's no MARC on the weekend.

I'm pretty sure. I wasn't able to double-check right now because of the helpfully redesigned MTA site, which has replaced schedules with trip-planners
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I hate Super Shuttle with a passion, and at least the last time I took it it barely made a difference pricewise vs just taking a cab (but was significantly more stress inducing than that cab would've been). But that may just be my experience. If your only goal is to save hassle/time, then I would vote for just taking a cab.

Taking Amtrak will be pretty much no different than taking MARC.
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I haven't had any trouble with Super Shuttle in DC with scheduled pickups from my apartment to the airport. From the airport is a different story. Generally you have to wait around until they have enough people going in the same direction to fill or almost fill the van. It's even more of a drag if you're the last one getting dropped off and you just really want to get to where you're going to relax (which I assume would be doubly true being pregnant). I have had problems with Super shuttle not showing up in San Francisco, but in DC they've never let me down in that regard. If you are traveling with someone else, you say "we" in your question, Super shuttle could end up costing as much as splitting a cab with someone else so there's that to consider.
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Keeping in mind that the average fare from downtown DC to BWI is $90, Uber is worth the extra $15, IMHO, especially since the tip is included in the total.
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If your hotel doesn't have their own shuttle service, call and ask them who they recommend.
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The B30 bus goes from BWI to/from the Greenbelt Metro station and costs $3 (IIRC).

If your concern is about lifting luggage specifically, you could hopefully depend on the kindness of strangers to help with the bus. Once you're in the Metro, there shouldn't be much more lifting. But this is definitely the worst option in terms of hauling luggage around.

Anyway, the one time I used SuperShuttle in DC, it was fine. (To Reagan, not BWI, though.) kaybdc describes the from the airport process well, which is the big failing of the van services. (Depending on the airport figuring out where the heck to go can be a pain as well. MSP has a nice waiting area, indoors with seats. OAK you have to track some guy down at the curb.)
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Blue Van another company like Super Shuttle.
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