What's a good book for selfstudying second semester physics?
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What's the best book to self study semester second of algebra based physics with?

I need to get a very good grasp of what's covered in a typical second semester physics course (I've done 1 semester) in 1 month. This includes optics, electromagnetism, waves, etc.. It can be a textbook or something a little lighter, but it needs to be accessible and have adequate explanations for someone who doesn't remember much from 1st semester. What would you recommend?
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Math-wise, physics at that level involves a fair amount of trigonometry and differential calculus, and less algebra.
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Most schools offer a calc-based course usually taken by engineerning majors and an "algebra"-based course taken by everyone else, even if the algebra based one does include some trig and a little bit of calculus too. What I'm looking for is a review of the latter.
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I can't point you to a particular book right now because I'm on my phone, but it might help you to search for any of the study guides for the Physics B AP exam. At least 5 years ago, the "physics b" exam was algebra based, and the "physics c" was calc-based.
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How about the Cartoon Book of Physics?
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Khan academy.
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We used Serway and Faughn College Physics when I taught AP Physics (algebra based). I liked it a lot and my students were able to learn from this book (they worked hard though).

Giancoli is another good bet.
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Purcells book on electromagnetism is probably the best book you could ever read on the subject. Clear and insightful explanations, beautiful prose. It's not really "problem oriented" like a modern book, so if you're looking for test prep, I wouldn't use it, but to learn the ideas, you'll do no better.
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