Quiet bar or restaurant in central Toronto that doesn't play music?
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Quiet bar or restaurant in central Toronto that doesn't play music?

I'm recording a podcast that will involved two people wearing wireless lapel mics, having a conversation over drinks in a bar or restaurant in downtown (or close to downtown) Toronto. A slight din of people talking in the background is ok, but because the conversation will be edited, there can't be background music. We're aiming to tape this on a Wednesday, around 6-9pm. Oh and not too pricey!

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I may be misremembering because it's not the kind of thing I usually think about, but I think that either Golden Turtle or that other Vietnamese place a couple doors down on Ossington don't play music. Other options if the weather is good, the back patio at either Sweaty Betty's or Red Light. No music, and if it's 6 on a Wednesday, hopefully not too much background din.
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Other patio option w/out music -- Cold Tea in Kensington.
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I don't know how classy this has to be, but if they happen to be academics they'd feel at home in Hart House. The Arbor Room serves cheap booze and there won't be any music, or really anybody there, unless there's an event scheduled that night.
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Yeah, I second Beardman. Sammy's in Hart House is always legit.
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You might have better luck in coffee shops than in bars. Pretty much all bars will have some background music playing, other than outside on the patio.
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Most coffeehouses, at least here in Pittsburgh, have background music, too. Depending on the shop--and, sometimes, the barista--it can be quite loud, too.
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