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Audiophilia-on-a-budget advice needed: I want to upgrade my desktop listening experience for around $200 or less. Currently reasonably happy using Sennheiser HD-280 plugged straight into my Mac Pro, but borrowing a friend's Total BitHead has inspired me to look further.

I think I definitely want to add a headphone amp (so I can give this one back), but I wonder if a sub-100 USB DAC/headphone amp would work as well as the ~150 Total BitHead. I've been looking at (in increasing price order) the FiiO E10 (also the E7, though I'd really prefer a physical volume knob), the NuForce uDAC-2, and the Total BitHead.

I'm also thinking about changing headphones. I find the HD-280s to be a little uncomfortable over time, and would prefer something lighter. I think the Audio Technica ATH-M50s qualify, but I'm totally open to suggestions. (Closed headphones are necessary in my work environment, though.)

Or if it would be more worth it to keep the HD-280s and spend the money on a more expensive amp (like the Total BitHead or a FiiO E17), that's a reasonable suggestion too. (If other headphones wouldn't be a reasonably-sized upgrade, I'll probably just keep these. The Sennheisers aren't mine, per se, but close enough for the foreseeable future that they might as well be.)

Thoughts, audiophiles of MeFi?
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With that setup, and presuming you're already using lossless source files, I think a combination outboard DAC/headphone amp (the Total Bithead and E7 are examples of these) might provide the best bang for the upgrade buck.
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If you don't mind having another piece of kit floating around, I'd probably also recommend going with the Total Bithead (or, I guess, another DAC/amp). My home rig is Total Bithead + HD-280, and I'm pretty sure it goes well past my ears' ability with high-quality source files.

As for the comfort of the cans, I've heard that some people will stretch the headband a bit by putting them around a head-sized ball for a while (basketball or soccer, though if that amount of stretch worries you, you can probably scale down a bit). I can't vouch for that, because I find them pretty comfortable, if a little warm for extended listening.
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Response by poster: I'll mention that I have been using my friend's Total BitHead for a couple days now and am really impressed with what I hear. (Actually, to be more accurate, what I don't hear-- the amount of digital noise coming from the MP's headphone out was ridiculous.) That's the main reason I think my primary purchase should be a DAC/amp; I just figured I'd ask around before going with the only DAC I'd ever heard.

Thanks for the responses so far!
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The FiiO is cheaper, nicer looking (man the BitHead stuff is ugly) and I have heard good things. I'm in the market as well.
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You're on the right path with the external DAC. It's the best bang for the buck on the road to sonic quality. I use the Total Bithead and enjoy Headroom's crossfeed processing for extended listening sessions.

Look into in-ear monitors for noise reduction/no sound leakage. Here's Head-Fi.org buying guide.
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Or you could spend $34 and get a Behringer UCA-202.

I have one (and a BitHead somethingorother) and I really don't recall hearing any digital noise. I'll go home this evening and try it out again.

But really it doesn't make a ton of sense to pay a lot for an external DAC.

Although I do like the setting on the BitHead that bleeds the stereo channels together a bit.
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I have a uDAC-2. It sounds great, but very occasionally stops working and gets hot. I love having a real volume control knob, though.
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I found in-ear headphones to be much more comfortable to wear all day, and do a better job of blocking workplace noise than closed headphones. I use Etymotics, but many more companies have entered the market in the last few years.
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Get the fiio E10 over the E7. It's cheaper and has better sound quality. It doesn't have a battery, but since you want a desktop solution that's not an issue. There's also the E17 (which I'm listening to at the moment, with Grado headphones), but from the reviews I've seen I don't believe there's enough improvement in sound quality to justify the cost over the E10.
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Response by poster: I ordered the uDAC-2 from Crutchfield. They're pretty close so even with free shipping it'll be here Monday.

I went with that over the FiiO E10 because of the more flexible outputs and... well.. I like the industrial design more. Will post impressions with my HD-280s then. I think I'll stick with them for now.
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Mr Susurration says that any amp will probably sound better than the Mac's internal amp. His opinion (having listened to it) is that the Total Bithead is over-rated. But also, choosing an amp is a pretty subjective experience - each one has its supporters. "An amp with character is broken. Any amp that colors the sound is poorly designed."
There's a whole buzz over at Headfi.com just now about the Objective2 amp - the first amp designed to be objectively HiFi rather than subjectively nice-sounding.
As to the headphones, I have a pair of AudioTechnicas and I love them. I'd rate them much higher than the Sennheisers (which is what I had previously).
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