Not so sexy, not the usual yeasty subject either, what gives?
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Womanly-bits-filter. For several years have had discharge that I really don't think is a yeast infection (I've had classic yeast infections before) but I haven't had much luck getting a more sensible explanation. Hoping this sounds familiar to some other lady Mefites.

My vagina features thick white/off-white clingy stuff, the consistency of a smooth paste, quite opaque, creamy. When I masturbate it collects in the crook of my g-spotter dildo, and it gets discharged in the toilet if I push a little. It's not itchy. It's not lumpy. It doesn't really smell like yeast. It's not regular cervical mucus from arousal or otherwise, and it's not the same stuff as my thicker ovulation mucus.

I'm pushing 40, not on the pill, regular cycles, no kids. You are not my gynecologist. My otherwise-awesome gyn assumes that it's yeast but has never cultured it, and kinda handwaves my "no this seems different."

Anyone have any clues? Haven't had any luck at all in internet forums, which are full of noise and people seeking really basic info.
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Unless there is an odor or an itch, don't worry about it. I will get that from time to time too. Your body will react to anything you put inside it and can get a little funky while it adjusts. You may be sensitive to your dildo. If it really has you concerned, don't use the dildo for a month and see what happens. It sounds like you are starting a yeast infection but then your body is calming down and recovering on it's own.
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Have you had an STD workup? Ever? Lately? There are some STDs that can present like yeast but are very much not yeast.

Sure, maybe you've used condoms every single time you've had fun times with a guy, but if he touched his junk and then touched your lady parts... Well. You know how that works.

Demand STD testing, even if your gyn tells you you're low risk.
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If there is no irritation or itching, I don't think it is yeast. Possibly bacterial vaginosis (BV). But what you describe could be just regular old vaginal discharge, IMHO - you've been having this for years - maybe your hormones have just changed and this is the new normal? I am a woman and also a doctor who does occasional pelvic exams. (IANYD)
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If you haven't had STD testing you should get it, I agree with bilabial. There are STDs that are even completely asymptomatic. Sorry for not recommending that up front, med school teaches us that "patients over 35 are much less likely to have STDs" - as if they're not having sex too! Which I certainly hope and believe is not really the case.
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The medical term I have heard for this is "Leukorrhea" and it does absolutely happen without there being an accompanying infection. From the wikipedia article:

It can be a natural defense mechanism the vagina uses to maintain its chemical balance, as well as to preserve the flexibility of the vaginal tissue. The term "physiologic leukorrhea" is used to refer to leukorrhea due to estrogen stimulation.
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From the OP:
Sorry thought it was obvious from my mentioning that I'd seen my gyn -- It's definitely not BV, and I've had full STD testing recently and I'm clear. Yes, it persists even when I take a break from using anything insertable to masturbate (and I haven't had partnered sex in several years.)

It is annoying stuff, though, and doesn't seem normal -- it reduces or counteracts my regular arousal lubrication.
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Just chiming in to mention that secretions can and DO change over time. I was rather amazed to hear this from an awesome (female) internist at my local teaching hospital. Just because this type of discharge hasn't been normal for you in the past doesn't mean it's not necessarily the NEW "normal", as it were.
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I think this is probably smegma, and is part of normal, healthy genital function.
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It might be cytolytic vaginosis, which isn't IIRC something that doctors routinely test for.
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This happened to me when I was pregnant - the doctor said it was just a build up and didn't think anything of it.
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Does it happen constantly or at certain times of the month? It could just be your regular cycle discharge.
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If this has been occurring over a period of years, it sounds like this is your Basic Infertile Pattern..
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From the OP:
It's not smegma, it's up inside my vagina, not around the labia. As I mentioned, it's NOT irritating or lumpy, so not cytolytic vaginosis. My cycles are totally normal -- normal signs of ovulation and no breakthrough bleeding -- so it doesn't correspond to a basic infertile cycle.

Leukorrhea, however, fits the bill quite well. Good grief, why is this never mentioned on women's health websites in articles about discharge, or by gyns? I'll nudge my doc about it at my next appointment, thanks.
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