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Please recommend a dressing gown/bath robe that a) isn't white b) isn't indecently short c) isn't made from a staticky material d) isn't going to fall apart after three washes.

I'm a tall lady (5ft 10) and I'm busty too, so I find a lot of dressing gowns can be too short for me. I want something I can wear after the shower, or put on to go downstairs and make some toast, rather than something that isn't designed to stop you accidentally displaying your ladygarden to the postman. (I live in a shared house otherwise I would obviously walk around completely naked whilst wearing a pink hat.)

Most dressing gowns in women's stores in the UK are like this - a sort of fleece material. I find these don't seem to wash very well, and I'm not a big fan of artificial fibres. Also, I dye my hair so white tends to get grubby easily if I pop it on after a shower with wet hair. I also don't like the fact that they seemt o get tatty really quickly, and I'm trying to move away from buying 'disposable' items and spend my money on things that do the job.

I have looked at men's dressing gowns, but many of them are made of similar fabric and/or very 'manly' looking - I do not wish to look like a car seat, even if nobody else will see it. And when I looked at Marks and Spencers - remembering the robe my mum had that has lasted ten years and is really nice and soft - they only had satin or cashmere dressing gowns, which are not good for out of the shower or, in the case of cashmere, eating anything in. And part of the function of a dressing gown is to be able to wear while eating toast.

I did have a look at this but is it worth £59? What is Land's End quality like, and will it be huge on me? (They don't do women's gowns.)
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I have this dressing gown from the White Company (it was on sale, so I think I paid about £27) and I love it. I know this one is white, but they usually do other colours. At the moment grey seems to be the only other colour available (too car seat?)... I'm a size 12 and I bought the extra small one. It's nice and long on me, though I am a little shorter than you, but if you have a White Company near you, you could always try one. My other half also has one and it has lasted for years.
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The Ikea one is too thin - it will cling to everything. But I'm only guessing based on the picture.
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Have a look in TK Maxx, mippy, they have lots of lovely dressing gowns and bath robes, mostly from the States or Europe, and generally nicer quality and a broader range of styles/colours than you'd find in high street shops.
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how about a cotton kimono? I love mine (I'm 5'3" and mine is floor-length). Cool enough for summer, doesn't cling, no ladygardens on display, pretty and sturdy.
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I also have had and liked White Company ones, if you prefer terry to plain cotton.
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I came here to recommend the White Company, too - the grey towelling they do is actually very pretty in person. They are Very Serious about towelling and don't sell things that fall apart.
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Note to all recommending T.J. Max and other brick-and-mortar stores only: Mippy is in the UK.

Mippy: Lands' End is usually very good quality. You may also want to look at the womens' sizes too, though, as the cut may be a bit more flattering; they definitely have longer women's styles, though.
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Re: Lands End. This is owned by Sears, but I've been buying simple, classic wardrobe staples from them for years.

Their sizes do run large, but I've been very happy with their quality and durability. Besides, get yourself a pair of bear claw slippers and you can be Homer Simpson for Halloween!
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EmpressCallipygos: "Note to all recommending T.J. Max and other brick-and-mortar stores only: Mippy is in the UK.

Mippy: Lands' End is usually very good quality. You may also want to look at the womens' sizes too, though, as the cut may be a bit more flattering; they definitely have longer women's styles, though

TK Max is the british version of TJ Max.
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Grither: I stand corrected and plead precaffination.
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Do you have Target in the UK? I just got this one (wearing it right now, actually) and it's perfect. Lightweight but still substantial enough to not be clingy.
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It's strange that UK Land's End doesn't have women's robes. US Land's End definitely does
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LL Bean ships internationally from their website. Their robes are fantastic and I highly recommend them.
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I discounted the White Company initially because they tend to be very expensive and also white (I'm too clumsy for white). So that's one place I can look. I'm more into the towelling side of things (oo-er) than plain woven cotton, I think.

Also, there is a large TK Maxx where I will be this weekend - I never thought of looking there as all the ones in London are very jumble-sale like with poor-quality clothing (though the home section in Hammersmith is great).

British Lands End definitely doesn't seem to have the women's robes.

I wish we had Target in the UK! They did a great Liberty collaboration that only came here in small parts at greatly inflated prices. But aside from a vague plan with a friend that we should go to New York one day, I'm not sure how to access their wares.
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It's $20 to ship to the UK, plus import fees (which are really high here - we get charged an £8 handling fee plus 20% VAT on any item costing more than $36) which rules out LL Bean.
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Have you thought about getting a man's dressing gown? I've got a navy towelling gown from M&S. Great value, really snug, and they're going to be nice and long on you, if a little wizardy in the sleeves.
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I came in here to recommend the lovely soft dark purple dressing gown my brother bought me from M&S. It is the single most comfortable thing I have ever owned. It's big, so it wraps all the way around me - no ladygarden incidents thus far. It has survived jam, toast and many drenchings in tea. I've washed it five times and it still looks great.

It's out of stock at the moment but it costs around the £20-25 mark and it is SO SOFT. You would not regret it.

My house is too warm to wear it at the moment and that makes me sad.
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Sadly that one's polyester, and I'm A Bit Funny abotu artificial fibres. It does look warm, though.
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londonmark - Indeed I have, but the men's offerings often seem to be the same as the women's in darker colours. It seems strange I have to pay £50+ to get cotton these days...
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The one I've got is "cotton rich" — is 10 per cent poly too much?
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I have a flannel robe from LL Bean that I love and have worn for years. Natural fabric, warm but not too warm, lasts forever, and plenty long. On looking at their site, they seem to only have men's flannel robes now. Not sure if this is too "car seat", but look at them and see what you think.

Also in solid colors.

The terry cloth ones are also a great option.
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Oh, I really like that tartan one, but LL Bean is out for me. A lot of shipping/customs costs for something I might have to send back if it doesn't fit. (I remember when Anastasia Krupnik wanted a pair of LL Bean boots.)
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Here are flannel robes on, if that helps.
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I am very happy with my jersey robe from GAP. It is soft, has worn very well, and is just thick enough to not be too clingy.
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This one from John Lewis is terry lined and 100% cotton.
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Have you looked at silk kimonos? I have one like this - There are a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from and it's made to be reversible, so it's double-lined and not clingy. At 43 inches from collar to hem, it hits me at mid-calf, might be a tad shorter on you. After 3 years of constant use mine hasn't fallen apart on me yet! Try looking in asian import/export shops, they always seem to carry a few.
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