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Good online accredited Precalculus and Calculus classes?

Since we last left our intrepid hero, she has gotten to the point where she feels comfortable taking math in school again, and could probably test into Precalculus/Trig pretty comfortably. However, my full time job is moving to a distant suburb, which is going to make my commute a living hell. Add to that trying to attend class in person, and it almost seems like an impossible thing to accomplish. And obviously, I don't want to quit to go back to school.

So, I'm looking for online classes in Precalculus, Calculus, and possibly beyond. Having the discipline to study by myself isn't an issue, I've been doing Khan Academy for a while now. But now I feel ready to start taking classes. Are there programs out there that people recommend? Other programs that people warn to stay away from? Eventually, I want to take Computer Science courses, so I'd like for them to transfer

For the sake of residency, I live in Washington State. I'd also be paying for the classes myself, so cost is also a concern. Thanks!
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i just did a lot of research about this! i settled on coastline community college for online calculus. the schedule is here and the fee information is here. i picked it because i'm a CA resident and i just need to get some prerequisites out of the way before taking upper-division CS classes.

non-resident tuition is a bit pricey compared to resident tuition, but it's still cheaper than most other online options i've seen (netmath, UND).

if you're looking for an extensive offering of courses from a well-regarded institution, though, go with netmath.
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Response by poster: I'm looking at net math, and it may be what I want. However, give me other options!
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Response by poster: Looking at courses more, I think that UND might be more up my alley. It'd give me the Precalculus and Calc I want, the tuition isn't horrid (it's about half the cost of NetMath), and I'd have 9 months to complete each course. But I still want to hear what else is out there!
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Best answer: Check your local community college. Mine offers many online math classes - the only time you need to go to campus is for the midterm and final exams. The cost may be less if you are a local resident as well.
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Response by poster: I ended up signing up at a local Community College, and for an in-class class. I can work my schedule around it all, and I think having the classroom experience with other people will be beneficial.
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