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Please recommend stories about mental battles. Specifically, people overcoming deep-seated fears or beliefs.

I just finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy, and particularly like how the epilogue mirrors an early and fundamental fear of Katniss': probably much of the difference can be attributed to the destruction of the 'trigger' (trying not to spoil the book for some of you), but the book doesn't really go into detail. Now I'm pining for stories that do show that journey - recommendations please? Some points to help you narrow down the selection:
  • I prefer the written word over films, but both are welcome.
  • I really enjoy realism in non-realistic novels.
  • Nothing mega-long please! Though if it's as gripping as The Hunger Games I'll consider it.
  • Genre doesn't matter (both fiction and non-fiction are ok).
  • Neither does writing style. I was initially irked by the first person present tense narrative of THG, but I now realise it can be very effective in conveying character emotional growth and all that.
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"Steel" is a lousy film, but that's what it's about.
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Movies: Unbreakable
Books: Will, by G. Gordon Liddy
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Losing Faith in Faith by Dan Barker might fit the bill.
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There's a Heinlein short called "Ordeal in Space" that may be worth your time.

Miriam Toews' A Complicated Kindness is told by the young female protagonist in the first person.
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Came in here to recommend Liddy's autobiography. If you want to read about conquering fear, that's where you go.
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Heinlein had a short story called Ordeal in Space wherein an astronaut has to get over his fear of heights (spoiler: by saving a kitten!). As a short, it might not have enough development for your purposes, though.
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Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll start with Liddy's book as it has such great reviews.
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