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Best place to get amazing colorful tattoo around Worcester, MA (by which I mean within an hour of driving)?

I'm sure there have to be plenty of absolutely fantastic places for me to get a tattoo somewhat nearby - with great online galleries so I can judge the artists work before ever contacting them.

In particular I am hoping to get an octopus tattoo on my foot that's all kinds of blues and greens and pinks and purples.

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It may be farther than an hour (barely?), but Off the Map in Easthampton, MA is great. Lots of guest artists, really professional.
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Never been there myself, but Pino Brothers in Cambridge has a good reputation.
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There are a number of good places in Providence, RI. I was very happy with the piece I got done at McInnis. That neighborhood (Broadway/Atwells Ave) has quite a lot of tattoo places if you're in the mood for just taking a walk and talking to a few artists.
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I got mine done at Port of Worcester Tattoo.
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It is pushing the upper bound of an hour drive, but I know several people who had great work done at redemption in cambridge .
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I am a big fan of Gary at Sugar Skull in Billerica; he's done two tattoos for me (a small piece and a large piece), and I've been pleased with his work and the atmosphere at his shop.
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I'm not totally sure this is within an hour, but I can't recommend Mike at Black Lotus in Providence, RI enough... and he actually does a lot of nautical tattoos, so he'd be a great guy for an octopus tattoo. I'd be happy to shoot you a picture of my jellyfish tattoo he did on my ribs late last year if you like - it's also on their facebook fanpage if you want to look it up there. He's done work on both my boyfriend and I and we're both planning on going back to him for more.
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I've had both of mine done at Zaza Ink on rt. 12, just over the West Boylston line, and have no complaints at all.
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