The buddy system for procrastination?
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I'm using Teux Deux--but is there on online support forum that help me support my goals for exercise, uncluttering, other side projects? I need a buddy!

I don't know if this exists but what I'm thinking of is an online forum or community where you can post your goals (for the day? or the week?) and keep each other motivated--but is not FlyLady. Does this exist?

For instance, I really need to exercise but I regularly prioritize work and family stuff before exercise--maybe it would help to check in with someone? I also need to unclutter and clean up, but it would be nice to put in the goal of the day as "get rid of crap under desk" and be able to check in with others at the end of the day as "done" or not done. I'm not sure what the format would be, but somehow we'd encourage each other or problem-solve if it needs it. Does such a thing exist?
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Have you considered HealthMonth? There's a MetaFilter Team.
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Fitocracy (there's a Metafilter group and invite, I believe- see MetaTalk)

Health Month (also has a Metafilter group) is a little more personal but good for pestering.

Fitocracy and Health Month track and motivate in different ways, some people find one way works better than another. Me, I like them both. Health Month tracks pretty much whatever you want it to, Budge is pre-programmed for specific items.
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