iMovie has beaten my ass
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How to convert an AVI to YouTube MP4 format.

I have done this many times before (Mac) but when I try to import the AVI file, it is greyed out. I know how to convert it from iMovie. YouTube rejects my format. ? it is an AVI file and I will gladly send it to anyone who can convert if for me. It is my son singing Mull of Kintyre, and I just wanted to show my Irish relatives him singing. Grrrr. I feel so stupid but I don't have Googled it and tried it and it is still "greyed out" when I try to import the AVI file into iMovie.
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Best answer: Use Handbrake.
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Response by poster: Sorry. I am on my husband's laptop. He hates me to d/l stuff. I can't figure out the handbrake, is there something else?
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Best answer: Check your MeFiMail.
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Best answer: Miro Video Converter is free and very easy to use. It is geared toward smartphone ready formats, but it can do simple mp4 format conversions too.
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Best answer: I suspect someone's already done it for you? But just for reference, you should be able to do this on a Mac by downloading the free program mpeg streamclip. It can change a file from avi to almost anything you want.
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