Good Baltimore area doctors?
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Good primary care doctors in/near Baltimore?

My boyfriend and I are both relatively healthy (34 years old, no major issues), but have been putting off finding primary care doctors for way too long. (Possibly because we are relatively healthy.) Does anyone have any recommendations for kind, caring, and/or competent primary care doctors in the Baltimore area? We live in Hampden (North Baltimore) but have a car so we can travel without too much trouble.

We both have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, so any docs that accept that kind of insurance would be extra great.
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Drs. Hennawi and Tawil at Adult Primary Care on Falls Road (near the Rite Aid just north of 37th) are very good.
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Sorry, that's Adult Medicine Specialists. Address: 3730 Falls Road. Phone: 410-235-0999. If you go, you can say "Malcolm Gin-Hopwood" recommended you see them. :)
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I second Hennawi. My husband goes there and has had a good experience.
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THANK YOU! I just made an appointment with Dr. Hennawi. You guys are so great!
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Add one more new patient for Adult Medicine Specialists to this question's tally. I don't know why I didn't think to ask this question myself!
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