I want effective, not-dumb-looking motorcycle armor
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Where can I find a full suit of motorcycle body armor that doesn't look like some teenager's idea of motorcycle body armor?

Are there simple pull-on pants and jackets that are relatively lightweight and armored at the joints and road-rash resistant everywhere else? And look unridiculous?
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Do the motorcycle jeans from Cycle Gear count? (I've bought from them, but only ridiculous teenager-style items.)
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What do you mean by ridiculous? Do you want leather or textile or mesh? What kind of riding are you doing, and in what kind of weather? Are you a lady or a dude? What is your budget like?

motorcyclegear.com is the go-to for cheap gear. Personally, I wear Rev'it gear, which I tend to buy locally, but is easily found online at Revzilla.com. I have crash tested my Rev'it textile gear multiple times, and it is awesome, and holds up wonderfully.
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You need a pretty good eye to be able to spot that Draggin' Jeans are no ordinary jeans.
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If you want not-aggressively-styled but very protective commuting/touring type type gear, check out http://www.motoport.com/. The padding is extensive, the construction is well thought out, and it's easy to get on and off over clothes.
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Bohn body armor goes under whatever gear/clothing you want. I've heard lots of positive remarks concerning the comfort of their stuff, but unfortunately (or fortunately, as it were) have heard nothing about the effectiveness of it in a crash. With the brands of gear that I own (BMW Airflow 4 suit, Firstgear Kilimanjaro jacket, Olympia Ranger 2 pants, etc, etc.) that have no enormous brand names or racing teams covering them and aren't in some crazy color combo-I don't feel like an odd bird off the bike. But I also bring a change of clothes if I know that I'm going to be off the bike for any extended period of time, so I'm not wandering around town looking like a lost astronaut...

My only jacket that I feel has that has me looking like I'm an extra in a Starblazers reboot is my Rev'it Sirocco jacket. But I am not a fan of it's lack of durability (and question it's ability to help me out in a get off) so it's rarely worn. Go on ADV Forums and check out the flea market section. I have picked up some super deals on there (my Airflow suit, which I paid less than half dealer price for new with tags gear is a good example), and you can sometimes find deals on STN's website (sport touring.net) in their gear market section. IMHO much of the gear directed at the non boy-racer clique tends to look a lot more agreeable.

You could also check out dual sport or MX pressure suits, which are like the Bohn stuff but more substantial.
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As the previous post indicates, gear meant for adventure touring definitely has a different style that might be more to your liking. A lot of the pants are specifically styled as pull-overs for commuting. Armored street-pants or armor that goes underneath casual wear is also definitely an option.

Are "hi-viz" colors ridiculous to you? If not, I highly recommend them for the increased safety. (They grow on you over time... my safety yellow helmet seemed silly at first, but now I feel like an awesome spaceman while wearing it!)
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Aerostich roadcrafter
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Definitely Aerostich. Lots of different colors and other customizations. One or two-piece. I had one on order when I crashed in 2000 and I would have fared a lot better had I been wearing it.
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I'm not sure if I'm breaking any rules here (and I realize you're looking for a full suit), but: my boyfriend recently picked up a BMW AirFlow 2 Jacket at a thrift store and was planning to list it on eBay. Size US 52R/EU 62, silver and black, great condition. MeMail me if you're interested in details.
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Got the Lombard suit. Great for commuting to work.

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