Help a crazy cat lady compile a collection of photographs and paintings.
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Help me find black and white vintage photographs or old paintings that feature at least one person and at least one cat.

I'm looking for stuff along the lines of these: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Paintings should be no later than mid 20th century but 19th century and earlier preferred.
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Here are some paintings:

Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, by George Caleb Bingham
Leonardo Da Vinci, study of Madonna and Child and Cat
A couple of Felix Vallotton nudes with cats
Pierre-Auguste Renoir Woman with Cat
Pierre Carrier-Belleuse, Ballerina with Cat
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Wikipaintings to the rescue!
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You know I think that 3 is a memorial (post-mortem) photograph. That kind of photo isn't unusual for the period (1880-1890s-ish?) but that it's a pet is very surprising. I have not seen many of those. I bet that was a child of wealthy parents.
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(only a couple but make sure to go halfway down the page to the guy with an army helmet with a kitten on it, very cute but weird and why isn't he wearing pants...I'm so curious)
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Check out Old-Timey Cats.
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There are a few here at the Kattenkabinet. Refresh for new images.
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Cats in Art from the Hairpin has some paintings that fit your criteria
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I love this photo of Marlon Brando, his cat, and his midcentury turntable, though I'm not sure of the year (or the photographer).
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Mark Twain and friend

More writers and their cats (some of them are beyond mid-20th c.)
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