We work in creative. We don't dress up. Or do we?
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What does one take to the Cannes Lions in June? Dresses? Ball gown? Jeans? Flip-flops? Sunscreen?

I was just informed that they're sending me to Cannes for the Lions awards in June, on the company dime. (Hooray!)

For the speakers and panels, (probably something like SXSWi) jeans and heels, or a cute skirt is probably fine. But what about the awards ceremonies and nicer dinners? Nice dress and heels? Too much?

Anybody been to this thing before? Got any "Do's and Don'ts" for me?

(Additionally, tips for packing, flying, and getting around the city of Cannes would be greatly appreciated.)
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Best answer: For the ceremonies and nicer dinners, definitely a nice dress and heels. Doesn't have to be super formal, but does need to be chic and classy. French fashion is more formal on every level (even informal) than in the US. Flip-flops are a definite no-no except on the beach, though yes, you will see a lot of non-French people and some French young'uns wearing them. On the streets. Not in business situations. (Okay okay we have a couple people who wear them in our offices but they're A. young and B. their flip-flops have fake jewels on them. The exceptions prove the current rule.)

Jeans should be nice jeans – dark wash, fitted. Straight and slightly flared legs are better than tapered (peg) legs. Skirts would be better though – any understated style is fine! Pretty comfortable for walking around Cannes, too.

You'll probably fly into Nice's international airport and take one of the direct buses to Cannes. Unless they're going all-out, in which case hey, you may be lucky and get a chopper ride from the Nice airport to the smaller Cannes airport!

Cannes is a very small, eminently walkable city. Bring some chic yet comfy leather shoes (think Fluevog or Rieker, for instance) for that!

Background: haven't been to this particular event, but have a yearly subscription to the Monaco-Monte Carlo opera, I live in Nice, work just north of Cannes in Sophia Antipolis, and have been to business events on yachts in Cannes.
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Best answer: I disagree on the jeans. While it's a gathering of creative types, it's still a business thing. You will still see jeans there, of course, but it's better to go upscale than downscale, and there's nothing jeans can do that can't be done by khakis or capris a bit classier.

Note: I have never been to Cannes, or on a yacht offshore of Cannes. Lucky you!
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Best answer: I was in Monte Carlo about 20 years ago. There's a provincial railroad Chemins de Fer de Provence which went from Nice to Digne-les-Bains. I got off in the middle.

You're very lucky it's on your company because my advice to you would be: Bring Money!
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Best answer: Dressy accessories are you friends--fancy bags, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. If it's a little over the top, it's perfect for Cannes. Everyone who's not American will smoke.
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Best answer: Nice jeans are actually better than khakis or capris – dressier would be business slacks. Khakis aren't done here for women; capris are seen as more informal than nice jeans. And I did add that skirts are better in any case :) Especially for our humid summer weather.

Smoking is NOT well viewed here any more. There are still a few smokers, but it's much less prevalent than it was even 5 years ago, and it's illegal indoors now, even in restaurants.
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