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What are some interesting blogs or sites about interesting lives, travel experiences, or people in general?

As seen previously here and here

I'd like to know if anyone here has any suggestions for new sites to visit, as I've exhausted the sources listed previously and am craving more!

I particularly enjoyed sites like
The Darien Plan
Justin and Silver Al
Hack and
What Now?
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Legal Nomads is an interesting travel site.
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Banks to Battlefields is by an Irish guy who went from working in a bank in Dublin to being in the French foreign legion. I think it's a great read.
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I've recently found: 2People1Life and think it's a rather interesting take on finding traditions in various parts of the world.
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Idlewords by Maciej Ceglowski is a consistently good read. He writes infrequently, and covers a range of topics, but go there and look at his Argentina On Two Steaks a Day article and then work your way through his other travel writing.
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