Masters Graduation Gift
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Graduation gift for a close friend getting their masters in education? (More inside)

Posting anon as I'd rather not connect some of the details to them - short story is that I have a very close friend that s graduating with her master's in education in a few weeks. This is a big deal as it's the end point of a rather tough few years involving a divorce, moving her and her very young daughter back in with her parents, hitting a milestone age (40), watching the ex marry the "other woman", and other stuff. I am very close to her and her family, and would really like to get her something that is "awesome" - I'm so proud of what she's done, that I feel like it deserves.. something.
It's not about money, it's about sentiment that something can convey. Frankly, I'm out of ideas. I am good at doing the little things that I can to help, but grand gestures are not really my specialty.
I am hoping the hive mind has some suggestions of what could do/get..
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Since she's livIng with her parents, You don't want to get something physically substantial, because she probably doesn't have much space and she's going to be moving again soon-ish.

Educators use such a diversity of tools these days, few seem likely to last through her career.

That leads me to think good jewellery that she could wear while working, such as a necklace or earrings. To me that means nothing ostentatious, but more classic (in her style). Probably something made by an artisan or craftsperson (not a dunkin donuts machine).

My other suggestion, which others recommended for new lawyers & businesswomen on the green is a good (substantial, engraved) business card holder.
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How about a massage and/or spa date with you (or on their own)? I would imagine your friend is probably going to be exhausted from all of the work they must be finishing up now; and given all the "hard" life stuff going on, some rest and pampering could be a wonderful treat. You can of course expand on this, depending on your budget, etc.
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If she's going to teach, I recommend getting her a gift card to the local small teacher's store -- teachers love teaching swag/supplies!

Also, think about subscribing her to one of those "treat a month" clubs -- first year teaching is the hardest, so having a monthly "love you!!" treat might really help.
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A weekend getaway, either with you and/or her other girl pals or by herself?
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Jewelry, or maybe something luxurious that she would not ordinarily buy for herself, like a cashmere sweater.
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does she already know what grade she'll be teaching? if so, a huge collection of books for her classroom library would be awesome.
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