What are these classical songs?
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Please help me identify a couple of classical songs.

I helped record several piano pieces a couple of months back, and while I was able to identify most of them, a few still elude me. My knowledge of classical music is pretty limited, so I'd really appreciate some help!

Track 6

Track 7

Also, I know that this is a march by Brahms, but some further identification would be great:

Track 1

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"Track 1" (the third sample you posted) is the main theme of the finale of Brahms' Symphony no. 1.
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Track 6 is the Prince of Denmark's March. It was originally a harpsichord piece, but is better known as Jeremiah Clarke's Trumpet Voluntary, one of the top three wedding processionals.
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Track 7 is Purcell's Trumpet Tune. Makes sense that this would be included, because Clarke and Purcell are often confused. Trumpet Voluntary was often attributed to Purcell, and in Purcell's Complete Keyboard Works "Trumpet Tune" is apparently attributed to Clarke.
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Awesome! Thanks!
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For many years, the Prince of Denmark's March was attributed to Purcell, even though scholars knew it was by Clarke. If you see "Purcell's Trumpet Voluntary" on an LP or sheet music, just mentally chnge the composer's name to Clarke.
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