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Teacher Appreciation Lunch. What goes with submarine sandwiches, potato chips, and pasta salad?

Planning teacher appreciation luncheon for approxiamately 80 teachers and staff. We have sub sandwiches, several pasta salads, potato chips, fruit salad, and fruit plates, and a myriad of deserts, and candy.

I am responsible for making a pasta salad but we already have three people making pasta salads. What is another savory dish I can make that goes with this menu?

Any ideas appreciated.
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Fried rice?
posted by JohnnyGunn at 6:52 AM on May 2, 2012

Quiche would be good
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Potato salad?
Salad salad (like, leafy vegetables)?
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Maybe an actual salad? I don't see any vegetables on the menu.
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Potato salad? A rice or quinoa salad? (I use my pasta salad technique and just sub in the other grain for the pasta.)
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Hummus and vegetable platters, couscous salad, crackers and cheese, salads, quiche or other egg dish.
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Cole slaw
cous cous with roasted veg and halloumi
greek salad
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A vinegar based coleslaw? I've made this before and it was a hit.
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Thanks you so much. Forgot to mention that there will be a green salad with gorganzola dressing.

Potato salad great idea. Maybe red potato salad with skin so I won't have to peel.
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Also, coleslaw great idea. Why did I not think of that? Thank you all. I think I just might do coleslaw!
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One quick thing that requires no work: PICKLES! Subs without pickles are sad things.
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How about a fresh fruit salad, maybe with nuts and yogurt on the side for those who want it.
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Roasted root vegetables? I'm on board with the folks pointing out that there isn't much in the way of vegetation on this menu. Even potato salad is about the same, nutritionally, as pasta salad.

That said, your audience might not care.
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Maybe deviled eggs? I see a whole lot of carbs in this menu.
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Yeah, I was thinking deviled eggs and too many carbs as well! TONS of people are on low-carb diets or have some level of gluten intolerance, so a few more carb-free and/or wheat-free items would probably be appreciated!

Soba noodles (fairly cheap at asian groceries) are gluten (but not carb) free and make a great cold noodle salad with sesame oil, rice vinegar, a bit of sugar, and a few chopped veggies. Cut-up veggies with a greek yogurt-based dip (like tzatziki) will make low-carbers, gluten-intolerants, and rabbits very happy. A meat-and-cheese tray to go with the salad will make everyone but the rabbits happy. Fruit dip (half marshmallow cream, half cream cheese, a bit of lemon) will be nice for the gluten-free people who want a bit more for their sweet tooth than plain old fruit.
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A variety of mayos, mustards, relish, peppers. Toppings Bar
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I third Deviled Eggs, also Fruit Salad would be nice.

You can buy pre-boiled and peeled eggs or even get your supermarket to make them.
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Or a relish tray, with olives, pickles, roasted peppers, celery and carrots. Easy and always nommed up.
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Chickpea salad. Good after it marinates for a while, can be served at room temperature and suitable for vegetarians.
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Three bean salad is a ridiculously easy, classic option.
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I'm a teacher with Celiac disease, and first, thank you for doing this. It means a lot to all teachers.

I would be psyched beyond belief if someone JUST ONCE made an awesome antipasto: cheeses, salamis, roasted peppers, olives, other yummy meats, etc. with a huge green salad.

Or even a huge Greek salad would be great.
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Some proteins like eggs, cheese or cold meats. Sliced salami or deli meats, hard boiled eggs or egg salad, a tray of pre-cut cheese chunks would be super-easy. Tuna salad?
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Baked beans, maybe? Or how about samosas or spring rolls?

It's always a nice idea to bring something that vegetarians (or even vegans) can eat as a main course if the other dishes prove unsuitable.
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