I'm transgender and I need to go (on the) straight (and narrow).
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I am transgender (transsexual MTF). I am self-medicating and I need to go legit. I am looking for a recommendation for a therapist in NYC (and possibly an endocrinologist) who is accepting new patients and is willing to work with the fact that I am self-medicating (and hoping to stop self-medicating and go legit).

I am over 25. I am currently employed but without health insurance. I make 110k/yr but am somewhat in debt, so a sliding scale might screw me. I have no idea what an endo will bill. I've had blood work done myself, and I'm pretty sure* I'm doing it right, although an endo may want me to stop self-medicating in order to get a baseline. I might refuse to do this. I am aware of the various informed consent options in NYC, but I would rather that be an absolute last resort. I can't talk to the family doctor, because I am not out to my parents, and the doc will blab. First and foremost though, I am looking for a therapist, so help me with that.

[*] On the other hand, speaking to an employment lawyer today taught me that lay(wo)men shouldn't pretend to be lawyers as I clearly know nothing about law; and I figure I shouldn't pretend to be an endocrinologist either. I am a little worried I'll fucking kill myself if go off my meds though.
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Response by poster: throw away email account: sokkupapetto7@gmail.com
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Best answer: How about getting a therapist from Callen-Lorde and then the therapist can help you figure out how to approax the other medical questions? (See also Callen-Lorde's trans health services.)
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Whoops, by "approax" I meant "approach."
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Best answer: Here is a link to a 2009 trans-friendly list of NYC health professionals.

Agree with hungrytiger that the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center is an excellent resource - they provide hormone therapy, as well as mental health care and referrals (according to the website).
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although an endo may want me to stop self-medicating in order to get a baseline. I might refuse to do this.

I just wanted to address this unstated question – background first, my brothister is MTF and self-medicated for quite a while. She felt so much better that she didn't want to go off the meds either. Unfortunately, the (cis) woman she married eventually started backtracking her previous claims of wanting to support my brothister in full transition... gradually pushing her to go off her hormones entirely. (Siiiiigh.) So, s/he now identifies as "he". But, what I can tell you is that going off his hormones didn't cause as many drawbacks as he first feared. The main thing was that he was unnerved to have a voracious (testosterone-fueled) sex drive return, but emotionally, even in spite of his feelings of betraying his (her) true self, it was livable.

I can't pretend to understand his whole situation; I've known him since he was born, after all, and still remember how happy he (she) was when she wore my dresses growing up, and how out-of-herself she so clearly was when male-identified. But, at least for the hormone aspect, rest assured that it may not be as bad as you fear. Especially if you know it will help you get closer to your goal! And if you've found a good therapist, they'll help you get through the rough spots too. The health aspects are really important too; you're right to worry a bit about drawbacks to self-administered hormones.

All the best!
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A friend of mine works here and recommends it:

"APICHA Community Health Center and the Trans Health Clinic serve the LGB&T&Q Communities of Color.We are a multi-language Health Center.

APICHA's Trans Health Clinic is committed to providing whole person Primary Medical Care to address the distinct needs of transgender & gender non-conforming/gender variant/gender queer individuals, serving Asian & Pacific Islanders and other communities of color in an affirming environment.

We believe that nurturing the overall wellness of transgender, gender
non-conforming/gender variant/gender queer individuals is a priority for better
health outcomes. APICHA's Trans Health Clinic provides increased access to comprehensive primary care, preventive health services, mental health and support services. We look forward to opportunities to dialogue with health care providers interested in increasing their understanding of health inequities and vulnerable populations.

Trans Health Clinic
Location: 400 Broadway (entrance on 70 Walker Street)
Trains: A,C,E,N,R,J,Z,6 to Canal and 1 train to Franklin

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
To make an appointment, call 212-334-6029 during business hours.

APICHA Transgender Clinic provides:
-Comprehensive medical services
-Personalized Medical Care
- Routine check-up and immunizations
-Initiation and maintenance of hormone therapy
-Mental Health Support
-Social services

Method of Payment
Low cost/sliding fee scale
Most Private Insurances accepted
ADAP and Medicaid
Amex, MC and Visa accepted

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Response by poster: Huh. I probably should've mentioned that I was Asian. I don't know why I neglected that.
But APICHA seems pefect for me. I will give that a shot. Thank you very much.
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Response by poster: perfect*. i cannot type.
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Response by poster: Now to actually work up the wherewithal to actually call and make an appointment. :/
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Don't bother working up wherewithal - just call. You don't need wherewithal to pick up the phone, press the buttons, and set an appointment. You just need a phone, a finger and a voice. You've got those!
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You don't need to be API to get services there, but it certainly doesn't hurt. If you think it would make it easier, I can provide my friend's contact info there via memail.
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Response by poster: fuck apicha. going to walk into callen-lorde on monday
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Response by poster: ok long story short i ended up going to apicha. works ok!
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Oh good. Glad that worked out.
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