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How can I make my new leather orthotics barefoot-friendly?

I have new, custom orthotics which are doing great things for my plantar fascitis - hooray! Now that the weather is warmer, I am wearing them without socks, which they are made for and how I plan to wear them most of the summer. However, as my feet sweat, the orthotics stick to my feet and as I walk, they unstick themselves with a loud sucking sound. Any suggestions for alleviating the noise?

I tried covering them with moleskin, but the moleskin just ended up sliding around/off the edges when I walked - though they were quieter.

I do know how to keep them from squeaking, but that's not quite the problem here.
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What about those tiny no show socks and hosiery? I used to wear them when I had to wear dressy shoes every day after the pantyhose requirement was lifted.
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that is, wear the no show socks on your feet or use the hoisery to "wrap" the orthotic.
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Would something like these help? I just bought a pair to wear with some slick leather-insoled shoes and they've stopped the uncomfortable stickiness. However, they do make shoes a bit more snug. Combined with the orthotics, you might end up having to size up.
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I always douse my feet in baby powder before going sockless.
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I had a similar issue with my first set of orthotics. When it came time to get them re-covered, I had my podiatrist change the cover to a fabric one. Much, much better! It shouldn't cost much to get them re-covered.
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Talk to your podiatrist or pedorthist- they should be able to help.
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