Looking for an Old Article on a Woman Taking Testosterone
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Years ago, I read an article by a woman who took large doses of testosterone. I cannot remember if this was a FtM transexual, or just a woman who took it for the purposes of the article. One bit I remember: she said she was walking down the street and was amazed at the urge to fuck everyone in sight. Can anyone dig this up for me?
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I think you might be thinking of the Testosterone episode of This American Life
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Any chance you're thinking of this 2005 article from the Portland Mercury?
I developed attractions to people I would have ordinarily passed by—including men twice my age—and found alluring attributes in even the most platonic of coworkers. I downloaded 15 lesbian porn scenes and sorted through the ones I liked, labeling them accordingly for easy access ("hvy make-up asian eats vluptous blnde"). "Drunk dialing" became regular "dialing," and on two occasions I took boys home, and then sent them on their way without even asking for a number—a proud first. It was fun, and for once I felt like I understood the male sex drive.
It's not exactly your quote, but it's close.
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This probably isn't what you're looking for since the author isn't transgendered or a woman, but Andrew Sullivan wrote a similar article in 2000, where he said:
My appetite in every sense of that word expanded beyond measure.
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Self-made Man by Norah Vincent?
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This essay might be it.

From what I've read, this isn't unusual reaction for trans men to have when they first start testosterone. It might be tough to find exactly the quote you were thinking of.
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It is a go-to cliché of every FTM documentary or article of the last 15 years. You will probably get a lot of suggestions.
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First thing I thought of was the Norah Vincent one, too.
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Response by poster: Thank you for all the suggestions so far, but unfortunately, none of them is the one that I am looking for.

One thing I should highlight: the article was a first person narrative of this woman's experiences.
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I remember hearing or reading a similar first person anecdote in an article about women taking testosterone to increase sex drive a long time ago. The journalist didn't have low libido, but was trying it for the article. Could the context have been therapy to increase sex drive?
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I just recently listened to the This American Life episode mentioned above by Reverend John, and this exact thing is related. So perhaps you read a transcript of the show?
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I think I know the article you're talking about. She wasn't trans, and I think she had to take it for a short period of time for some medical reason. She talked about her emotions and empathy feeling duller, and she found herself becoming more assertive at work.
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Like idthomps and Faint of Butt, I remember reading this. I believe she lived in MA... about 20 yrs ago? Memory says it was published in Yankee Magazine but that can't be right.
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Was it this? http://www.casafuturatech.com/Videos/testosterone.shtml (warning auto play QT also)
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I faintly recall reading something similar in an article about doping for athletic performance or body building. No link for you, though. Sorry.
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Stone Butch Blues? It's an autobiography.
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It reminds me of Stone Butch Blues as well.
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I absolutely read (heard?) the same article and have also been trying to find it for years. I recall the part you are talking about - the person said he or she (I think he; I think it was somebody in transition) really TRIED not to turn his head to look at girls walking by but felt kind of out of control and unable to avoid doing it.
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Ok, I just listened to the This American Life episode again, and it contains the exact passage I was just referring to. Definitely the piece I was remembering.
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Is it this article? (scroll down to #3)
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Not much use but ...

I remember an article written by Germaine Greer (who was taking some sort of testosterone treatment) in which she commented how easily she became angry which she attributed to the treatment. I think she went on to say that she felt it offered her an insight into behaviour that she believed she'd previously witnessed in men.

Think it might have been in (UK papers) 'The Guardian' or 'The Observer' - perhaps five years ago ?
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As people have been saying, Griffin's segment of the Testosterone-themed This American Life from 2002 matches very closely. Transcript here. Scroll down to "Act Two. Infinite Gent".
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Camille Paglia? I'm fairly sure she wrote something like this, but I can't find the actual piece anywhere.
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