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Where can I find a new copy of the Tom Waits Big Time concert video?

Ebay has a couple of used ones for $50ish. Are there any better options?
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I did some searching online for you, and I found that there was an annoucement that it was being prepped for DVD release...unfortunately, that was in 2001, and a later post I found said that it would probably never happen.

I also checked around at a couple of the big bootleg houses (Superhappyfun and 5minutestolive), and, well, I'm not sure if you'd be inclined to get a fake one, but it turned out to be moot, since they didn't appear to have copies.

If you want a real one: My guess is just to keep checking on eBay. You might check Amazon Marketplace, too -- I've gotten some good deals there; once I found a rare Flying Lizards CD for list price (where on eBay, on the rare occasion it'd come up, it'd go for ~150 dollars).

If you don't care about having a legit copy: I would check around for people doing trades; I would assume that there're people with tradable copies if you don't mind a generation or so down.

Also, in the bootleg realm (so disregard if you just want a real one), AntiSoshal claims to have it. I haven't gone through them before, but they've got a LOT of awesome stuff on DVD, including a copy of Big Time. So, that might help if you just want to see it.

(not necessarily recommending you go the bootleg route or anything -- if you're open to it, it's there; if you're not, rock on, too.)
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Thanks, RSSM!
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Oops, "RSMM".
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If it's not an official release, DON'T pay for it. You're only encouraging the bootlegers.

I'd suggest getting in contact with RainDawg, he's the man when it comes to unofficial Tom Waits releases. If he doesn't have it, I'm sure he can track it down for you, provided it's all clear and legal to trade.
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Actually, after browsing through his tradelist, it looks like he's got it right here.
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