How to show appreciation for a miracle?
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Our favorite parakeet (a 5 year old little sweetie who came to us as a rescue) just spent 48 hours as a wild bird, and three people were instrumental in returning her safely to us. Please help us decide on the perfect gifts of appreciation.

The bird escaped on Sunday morning and we had given her up as dead. My boyfriend and I were very sad, as we are so attached to her and he had to leave on a business trip, which meant I was carrying on the search alone.

We probably would have never seen her again, except for the help of the following neighbors:

Person 1: A neighbor (previously a stranger to us) who asked us what we were doing when we were hiking around whistling for our bird on Sunday night. He found me on Monday night when I was out looking for her alone, and let me know that my bird had landed in his yard, and he tried to catch her, but she had gotten away. HOWEVER, he spread the word and miraculously two of his friends had found her.

He owns two golden labs and a cat, and said that he loves his pets too and that is why he helped (besides never wanting to hear our whistles again).

Persons 2 and 3: An old married couple who love parrots and found our little parakeet over a mile away from our house. When the above neighbor called them on Monday, they came right over with my bird. They were going to give her a good home if they hadn't been able to find me again.

I cried tears of happiness in front of these three, and one said "well, we have done our good deed for the year!" My boyfriend and I would really like to show our appreciation with more than just the sweaty, teary, hugs I already gave out.

Please help me tweak these gifts to make them extra special.

Person one: A card and a basket with dog and cat treats, maybe a bird shaped toy for the cat (who name is dirty manners) because he saved the bird from the cat when she landed in his yard.

The couple: I would really like to show them how happy I am. I was thinking some parrot toys (they have two parrots), but I'd like to do something for THEM. This is where I am stumped. A nice dinner? A donation to a parrot rescue center in their name? I don't know them at all but I'm just floored that we got our bird back and want to bring some joy to them as well.

Money is not really an issue. Thanks!
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It sounds like all of these people feel pretty well thanked, and share your love of animals. It seems like the donation to the parrot rescue would be well enjoyed by them, you, and the organization. So I'd go with the parrot toys and donation card. You're definitely on the right track all around.

Glad you got your beloved pet back!
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Best answer: What lovely and thoughtful gift ideas.

Perhaps a gift card for the couple, for Starbucks, or a cafe in your neighborhood? As one half of an old married couple, things that aren't taking up room in our lives are great.

Although one of the best things you could do is to not go too crazy. Let everyone involved enjoy the mitvah they performed for you.
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Your parakeet might want to include the couple in his holiday card list. I was part of a freeway rescue of a very frightened dog a few years ago, and I LOVE getting a card from him every year.
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Look at your local humane society. It's possible they have a tribute system. OHS, for example, sends a card on your behalf, letting someone know that a donation was made in their honor, or in thanks. You can do this with an e-card, or OHS will send a card. I'm sure other organizations do the same thing!
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I bet they'd love a handwritten thank you card with a photo of your parakeet safe at home.

Anything else isn't really necessary, but anything small and not too personal would be fine to add. I like the pet treats idea, as long as you don't get too crazy.
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