"City of Brotherly Food" is the best I could do :(
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It's that time again: Name my X, for values of X close to "food blog". Focused on cooking, some posts about restaurants and alcohol. I'm trying to focus locally, so Philadelphia flavor in the name a big plus.

So I've realized that about half my tweets recently have been about things I'm cooking or eating or drinking. I think there's a spot in the local blog scene for a food blog that's mostly about cooking (though given that I go out once or twice a week probably some restaurant posts too). Mostly motivated because this is my first year getting a CSA share, so this will get me to use those obscure ingredients and go ingredient hunting at ethnic grocery stores.

I'll probably also talk about beer and liquor, for what that's worth. And BBQ-- I only get the kettle smoker out a couple times over the summer, and this should convince me to do it more.

I'm hoping to focus on eating fresh without spending a ton of money and without gardening, given the urban environment.

tl;dr: Name my food & cooking blog, with themes Philadelphia, local, urban, BBQ, beer. And science/nerdy stuff-- I'm a big nerd professionally so it's bound to make its way in.

"Phoodie" is taken, SO vetoed cheesesteak names, and I'm not a local sports fan. Fair game other than that. Using sock puppet so I'm not embarrassed if it fizzles out.
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Southstreeteats.com (domain is available)

I name things.
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Philadelicacia: a play on Philly, delicious, delicacy.
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Best answer: I nominate Rye of the Tiger
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Best answer: I can't come up with any good titles right now, but it would be great if your blog could have a FOOD logo a la the LOVE sculpture.
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I really wanted to find some play on Elton John's Philadelphia Freedom... but, couldn't...
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You said it yourself- Philadelphiaflavor.com
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My SO actually said "City of Brotherly Food" (alternately Phood) so that might not be the worst :) It is distinctly Philly and you want memorable. I am very definitely for something with "Phood..." in the title, since us locals will getcha.

And can you please, please MeMail me the link to your blog? Local Philadelphian here who would love to read it.
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"It's Always Phood"


(I'm just throwing things around, not specifically suggesting these.)
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Best answer: I'm gonna step up and say that the Ph-for-F thing is overdone. Unless you're very sure that you're as phucking awesome as the Phanatic.

cairdeas, "Rye of the Tiger" is fabulous. Dunno if it resonates with the OP, but jesus, could someone please take that as a blog title and talk about delicious cocktails and deli sandwiches?
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I don't know. Rittenhouse Fare? (Kidding.) But there are so many food-ily named places in Philadelphia to get you started. ("Eating my way from Fishtown to Chestnut Street and everything inbetween", etc.).
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Ben's Local Choices (referring to Ben Franklin)
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Food
1 Liberty Bar (since you like beer)
The Independent Eater

Yes I am going for a patriotic/ historic theme.
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Best answer: Nomsayin’.
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Or without the u since you're in the US ;)
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Best answer: I'm originally from Philly and I had a CSA share for many years when I lived in Central PA, so I wish you good luck with your blog. My suggestions off the top of my head, with no checking:

Yo Philly, Eat Me!
Spruce Beer and Food Review
Eating Revolution
The No Whiz Zone
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I really wanted to find some play on Elton John's Philadelphia Freedom... but, couldn't...

That's where I went too. What about "Philadelphia Feed 'Em"
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Response by poster: So many great ideas here! They really got the wheels in my head turning too. (Marking a few of my favorites.)

"Rye of the Tiger" is great, but I agree with desuetude: that really needs to be a blog about delis and Prohibition-era cocktails. So I'll leave that one up for grabs (man, I hope someone develops it...)

I think I have one, but I'll keep monitoring here. Thanks!
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