Looking for sites that post daily lists of curated links
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What are some sites/blogs that post a daily or weekly list of interesting links?

Basically, I want sites where the author curates links they find interesting or fun and posts them on a daily or weekly basis. Some examples of this are mental floss's Morning Cup of Links and bon appetit's The Digest.

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Makeuseof.com posts daily lists of cool links and tips and tricks. I've been reading it for a few years and have found some great stuff there.
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The Morning News updates their links twice daily. They range from world headlines to interesting videos and long reads. It's always something that makes you think.
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Slacktivist has been posting daily-ish lists/links of his favorite news and blog posts about Christianity.
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Cliff Pickover's Reality Carnival.
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Shortformblog is good. The user interface is a little much, IMHO, so I read it on Google Reader.
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Dark Roasted Blend is a a mix of short blog posts and simple collections of links.
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IMHO, Jason Kottke still posts the best links.
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Arts & Letters Daily

Marginal Revolution (the posts called "Assorted links")

Church of Rationality (Full disclosure: he sometimes links to my blog, but we don't know each other personally.)
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Recently, Dooce has been posting links lists ("Stuff I found while looking around") on Fridays. (She's a longtime reader here, so there's some overlap with Metafilter.)

The Fug Girls post a links roundup every Friday ("Fugs and Pieces").
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Racked does this. (Link is to Racked National, but the city-specific sites do it too)

Would the Personal Finance Roundup on Consumerist count?
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I like Geekosystem's daily Geekolinks feature.
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Metafilter Blue: a daily or weekly list of interesting links.

I kid.
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Rather specific subject matter, but Feministing.com does a regular What We Missed feature and a Weekly Feminist Reader.
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This may or may not be what you're looking for:

Gala Darling's weekly Carousel

Already Pretty posts Lovely Links

Yes and Yes posts their weekly Web Time Wasters, latest one here.
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but a cool way to discover new stuff that may not fall on every bloggers' radar is to occasionally check out Pinboard's recent bookmarks and popular bookmarks pages. The popular page tends to stay static for a day or too and often has stuff from the usual places, but the recent bookmarks feed changes constantly (I think it's real-time). Not always great stuff but once in awhile you'll find something deeply weird/interesting/brain tickling.

Also you know about Popurls, right?
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The Browser
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