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I need help finding an Android App which will do the following for me:

Log me into my work's guest wifi which is an insecure hotspot but you have to open a web page where you enter a password (no username). It is like a hotspot you would find at starbucks but only expects a password (no username)

Extra bonus: If the same or a different app switches my data connection from 3G to 2G.

I am pretty sure such an app must exist but if not maybe a tasker recipe?

A similar question here was asked before but doesnt cover my problem
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure Wifi Web Login should work for the first part... No idea about 2G vs 3G though.
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Android phones should automatically turn off 3G/data when connected to wifi to save battery life, since you only need one source for data and wifi always has priority unless you manually turn it off. So it looks like you're covered if the app above works for you.
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