I've got a bad feeling about this. Is there anything out there like Star Wars Arcade Falcon Gunner.
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I love Star Wars Arcade Falcon Gunner. What other games for iPod Touch will I like?

We're coming up on the end-of-the-semester Intense Grading Crunch and Falcon Gunner has been my standby take-a-quick-break game for a while. Unfortunately, I've almost got the whole thing beat, and I anticipate I'll pick up the last few medals within the next couple of days! I need a new game!

I'm looking for a braindead shooty game, not something that will take a lot of thinking.

I really love that FG's 360-degree control mode gets you moving around. I kick back in an office chair and whirl around going PEW PEW PEWPEWPEWPEW and it is very very fun, and works out the kinks from hunching over a stack of papers.

I also like that it has nice bite-sized missions that don't take forever—though I suppose most iOS games are that way.

I also like the Star Wars theme. I loves shootin' me some TIE fighters.

It's a one-in-a-million shot, but do you know of another game I'll love?
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I assume you've already dealt with Plants vs. Zombies and the various Angry Birds? Cut the Rope? (In case you haven't: they aren't Star Wars, but there's a good reason they are so popular. They really are close to perfect 3-minute pick up games.)
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