Seeking Mondrian/Spongebob Sock Mashup
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I'm looking for a replacement pair of Spongebob socks - yes, really. It's a mother's day gift, and a replacement for a much-loved pair. They are very tall, thick and soft and warm, sized for an adult, white with a colorful grid pattern like a Mondrian painting (yes, really) interspersed with large yellow squares featuring Spongebob making a face. They had little yellow square plush Spongebob "knobs" or cloth buttons of some kind at the top.
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Are these the ones? They're coming up on this site, and were available at New Look (a UK women's clothing chain store from which I bought my sister Spongebob stuff in the past). But they aren't showing on the New Look website.
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Response by poster: Regrettably, no - the ones I'm after are cozy, hanging-around socks, the kind usually paired with slippers.
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Are these them? If so, you could use the image to create an eBay "want it now" post.
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Response by poster: Yup, those are the ones, but they removed the button/tassle thing at the top...
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