I need a lightweight jacket that will close over my rack of doom.
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ISO lightweight jacket for springtime in the northeast US- rack of doom edition.

Hi all. I am looking for a lightweight jacket appropriate for spring weather on the east coast. I work in a business casual office and so ideally would like something not too crazy flashy.

Caveats; 40F bust size. Also, generally on the zaftig side (I wear XL tops, size 14-16 pants/skirts depending on brand, size 18 dresses, for reference - I don't shop in the plus size section of stores since things tend to get too billowy for me there, but I am definitely on the very large end of straight sizes and frequently cannot find said large straight sizes in stores). All of my non-boob weight seems concentrated, depressingly, in the muffin top area, so anything with pockets in the under-bust region is a no-go as it amplifies the muffin top.

Ideally I'd like something more structured - closer to a blazer than a windbreaker. I'd prefer a solid color, but am okay with subtle patterns (emphasis on subtle). I am about 5'5" if I stand up straight - long legs, short torso. Shorter jackets that hit no lower than the hipbone tend to be the most flattering for me.

Other potentially helpful info: my general work style aesthetic tends to swing towards the Joan Holloway on Mad Men look - pencil skirts (and dresses with the nipped in waist/pencil skirt silhouette). Budget ideally no higher than $200 unless it's truly spectacular and well-made enough that it'll last me several years.

So, help me out: where do I look for such a jacket? I tend to do most of my shopping online since I struggle to find clothes that fit my inbetweenie self in actual brick and mortar stores. Suggestions for places to look online welcome, but if you can point me to a specific garment, I certainly will not protest.

If you need any more clarifying info, I'm happy to provide it.

Thanks in advance!
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I just bought a London Fog trench at Macy's for $100. I'm a similar build on a smaller scale - I'm actually a 32H and although the inside button pulls, the look is really flattering. The belt can be worn tight or loose.
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I don't know if this fits your style criteria, but a friend with similar measurements gets loads of compliments on her Nau down stole.
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Oooh, I love that stole. I was going to suggest trying on some Isis coats. They're constructed with some curve to them, so I've found that they good room for a lady's chest while still giving us a waist.
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