I want to gamify my life with an app.
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Help me find an iPhone app and website to "gamify" various things.

I've never found any motivation as strong and pure as good old sibling rivalry. My sister and I live many timezones apart now, so the flame doesn't burn as brightly as it used to. We would like to recapture this potent fuel via some sort of gamification of our endeavors. Please point me to a website+app with as many of the following features as possible:

•allows us to set a long term goal and enter our individual progress towards that goal, in whatever units make sense for the goal (e.g. minutes, distance, numbers, etc.)

•has an iphone app that integrates with the site: my sister hardly ever uses her computer any more but is constantly on her iphone (this is her life with a full-time teaching job and a toddler). She won't end up entering info as much if there's no app.

•shows us our relative progress toward the goal; something like a chart with our respective completion percentages, bar graph, pie chart, etc.

•could be exercise oriented but isn't necessarily so. I want to win at putting away the laundry! And writing pages of my dissertation! And flossing every day!

I'm also open to something that would require some amount of initial setup on my end but would ultimately be easy for her to use, e.g. a wordpress site with various plugins + the wordpress app. I'm comfortable with fairly extensive web/html/scripting but would rather modify something off the shelf than write it myself if I don't have to. Thank you in advance, metafilter, for allowing me to settle (and/or rekindle) some decades-old rivalries.* And if something like this doesn't exist, let this serve as my lazyweb request.

*actually my sister is awesome and I really miss her (but still I need to win! and get useless badges and XP! and win!)
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Well, there is Chore Wars. It doesn't have an app, but the site can be accessed via an iPhone. It doesn't have a lot of the features that you are looking for (nor does it seem like it is really updated anymore), but it might be a start.
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For exercising, Fitocracy is great.
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Epic Win might be worth a look. You can't have friends in-game, but I believe you can integrate with Twitter/Facebook. Also, I don't think it necessarily keeps track of progress towards a goal, it's more of a to-do list thing. However, it is a lot of fun, and you guys could race leveling up your characters.
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Gorilla Workout has the social capabilities you want (Twitter/Facebook sharing), level-ups and achievements. You advance to a higher level by doing more of the exercises!
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There was just an article about this in the New York Times over the weekend. The woman who was profiled started a site called SuperBetter. I'm not sure if that's the type of thing you are looking for, though.
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Shouldn't have hit post yet! Here's Gorilla Workout in the App store.
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+1 for Epic Win for general use. Haven't used any of these workout apps though.

Jane McGonigal is a genius, though I'm not sure SuperBetter is the right answer here -- that's more for overcoming something like obesity, depression, etc. by having a support system + acheivements, though it might be okay for things like you mentioned - flossing, laundry, other responsible human adult things.
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Get Nike+ Fuelband (currently $150) It will track calorie burned, step walked and "Nike Fuel Point" earned. You can enter your goal of how much activity you want then once you reached it there will a a cool video to encourage you. There is an iphone app for it. To sync your data to iphone is dead simple with just a touch of a button.

Also seconding Fitocracy, but it does require you to manually enter all your exercises.
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