What is fun in May to do in Arizona?
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Going to phoenix with my Fiancé at the end of May. Whats available to do in Arizona at the end of may?

So we're going from Denver to Phoenix, we'll be driving through Moab and we'll stop by the grand canyon. She went to ASU for a semester but other then that really hasn't done much in Arizona, she's from Colorado but she has family in Arizona that we're visiting.

What's fun in May in Arizona and Phoenix? This is a meet the family trip with lots of time available for fun.
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In another thread someone recommended Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ to me. This is an amazing slot canyon that is very accessible. It's on Navaho land so you'll need to go on a guided trip. If you go I can recommend these guys as your guides.

In a trip full of beautiful things it was probably the highlight.

It's a couple hours from the South rim of the Grand Canyon and would make a nice stop along the way.
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First of all, you must have a meal at Poncho's on Central Ave, between Baseline and Southern. I have a serious THING for their red chili. I get it in a burro, with enchilada sauce. Also, do a cheese crisp. It's a uniquely Arizona item, MUCH better than a quesadilla.

Okay, now for the cool stuff.

Cosanti and Arcosanti, Paolo Solari has envisioned a utopian society. I have a windbell, you should too.

Taliesen West, another architechture thing. Very interesting. Makes you feel cultured.

Heard Indian Musuem-I had to come here every year for field trips. Don't miss, Maria of the Pueblo!

Mary Coyle--After you've had all that culture, get some ice cream.

Big Surf-A wave park. Some have done it better, but until you've blistered your feet on the sand at Big Surf, you can't say you've been to Arizona.

Montezuma's Castle, Montezuma's Well--Another field trip thing. But the Cliff Dwellings are amazing and it's a stop on your way down from Sedona/Flagstaff. Run by the US park service.

Casa Grande--America's Stonehenge. I sure did go on a lot of field trips.

Have fun!
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Tubing on the Salt River, if you're remotely into that type of thing. It's all my cousins from Chicago ever want to do when they come down here.

You can either buy or rent a tube, park, and spend an afternoon floating down the river. Weekends are busy and you will need lots of sunscreen. People bring coolers and generally make a kind of party out of it.
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Oh, and there is a bus to bring you back to your car at the end.
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Lots of good suggestions here. I'll add the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. It'll likely be hotter than blazes then, but it's open until 8pm.
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I went tubing on the Salt River! Great fun. Also got that blistering sun burn that means I'm 3000% more likely to get skin cancer. Sunscreen, umbrellas, heavy woolen clothing. That stuff hurts!
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Ruthless Bunny beat me to the Taliesen West recommendation. Very beautiful and interesting Frank Lloyd Wright structure/property. Really nice views of the area. Guided tours only, tickets can be bought online. Very well done tours with lots of fascinating information about the home, but also about Wright's life and the schooling that takes place there.
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A few unique-to-Phoenix places to eat/drink:

Durant's Steakhouse on Central Ave in uptown Phoenix has a mid 20th century gangster feel to it....make sure you park in back and walk in through the kitchen.

Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles in South Phoenix is just what it sounds like and delicious.

If you're stopping at Moab and the Grand Canyon, you might also be interested in Sedona or taking the Apache Trail through the Salt River Canyon.

Also, I agree with all of Ruthless Bunny's suggestions.
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