Is this a redbud?
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Is this a redbud?

We saw this awesome tree in bud outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It has blooms springing from its branches and its trunk is covered in patches of blooms as thick as moss. A passerby said it was a redbud. Is it?
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Looks like a redbud to me... probably an older one, with that thick gnarly trunk.
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It sure looks like an Eastern Redbud to me (though a tortured soul since it is old and the pruning done on it over the years has given it a somewhat gnarly look.)
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I think that's a Judas tree, aka European Redbud, aka Cercis siliquastrum.
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There's a redbud down the street from us that has those same budding patches on the trunk. It looks like it's glowing in the mornings. I've never seen another one do that. But yeah, redbud. Although, it seems like maybe there's something else entwined with it?
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I've never seen one with those patches of bloom on the trunk - that's really strange. Otherwise, it looks like a redbud. I thought they were Southern trees but according to this New York is at the top of its range and the flowering trunk is normal. Learn something every day! I hope the two in my yard start doing that someday.
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mgl: the redbud in our yard (Chicago) blooms like that from the trunk--perhaps it has something to do with the difference in winters in New York/Chicago and the South?
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The heart-shaped leaves are one tell-tale, so I'll echo the chorus and say yes. It's been so warm down here lately they're pretty much done in my area.
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Yup, I've seen lots of Eastern Redbuds with the trunk blooms around NYC. They're my favorite!
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Yes...redbud. The "trunk blooms" have nothing to do with the weather. It is all about pruning and resultant growth habit.
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Yup. Also, the flowers taste like peanuts.
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Most of the redbuds around here (Pittsburgh) bloom up the trunk, including the two in my yard that have never been pruned. I thought they all did that.
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