Donating an iPad
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Donating an iPad for use by kids with disabilities.

My partner and I want to upgrade to an iPad 3. I have an original iPad that is in good shape and still works perfectly. We've heard a lot of interesting stuff about iPads being used by kids with speech-related and developmental disabilities, and would love to donate the old iPad to an organization that uses them to work with kids, or gets them into the hands of kids who can use them. Any recommendations?

I did a little googling but it felt hard to evaluate organizations, so we'd love recommendations from folks who are familiar with a group's work.
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Ask Shannon Des Roches Rosa. Memail me if you need her e-mail address.
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Not That Girl - Look in your area for a school that works with autistic children. Having iPads in the classroom is truly a revolutionary thing for these kids, I have seen it in action in my own son's classroom and it is amazingly transformative. If you happen to be in the Central Florida area I can heartily recommend either Access Charter School (specializes in middle school and high school aged autistic children) or Princeton House Charter School (specializes in primary school aged children).

Oxit - you have no idea how amazingly helpful an iPad is for children in need of assistive communication devices. Dedicated devices are extremely expensive and difficult to use, whereas the iPad just *works*. For neurodevelopmentally delayed child, an iPad *is* a million bucks.
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I have a young relative with Down's Syndrome who uses an iPad, so you might look for your nearest group working with that population. The National Down Syndrome Society* might have suggestions if you're in the US.

*Site is acting wonky right now, but you can still find contact info.
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"iHelp SN Kids" does a lot to help get iPads to special-needs kids. You might want to contact them.
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Building on what Lokheed said -- There may be private, non-charter schools in your area that specialize in children with disabilities that would gladly take the iPad. In my experience, they are usually in need of funds year-round and assistive technology is difficult to afford. Alternately, you can contact special educators at a local public school.
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Thank you--all of these answers are very helpful. I feel like we've got a handle on how to go about finding a good home for the iPad now.
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Mission iPossible is another option, as well.
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Your local society for visually impaired people might be a good place to. Having worked at a school for VI pupils I was very impressed at how accessible our pupils found iPads.
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For a single iPad, I'd just contact my local public school. There's usually an administrative office you can call for the whole school district; they'll know who to put you in touch with.
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I'm a special ed teacher at a residential school for girls with trauma histories and recently asked how my school could get cheap or free computers.

We would LOVE your donation.
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