Other bags similar to Outlier Minimal Backpack?
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Do you know of any backpacks similar to the Outlier Minimal backpack? Attributes in order of importance to me are are: 1) extreme light weight (the one from Outlier is paper-thin) 2) pocket-stuffable/foldable 3) sleek minimal modern anonymous look (like all of outlier's stuff)
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Best answer: How about this daypack from Sea to Summit?
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Best answer: There's the Metro Pack from Hyperlite Mountain Gear, the people Outlier teamed up with to make the Minimal bag. It seems like the Minimal design might basically be a sleeker, design-ier revision of the Metro.
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Best answer: I have a North Face "flyweight" backpack which mostly fits your criteria. It does have a small logo on it. It seems like they have multiple different shapes... the one I have is definitely extremely light and stuffs into one of its own pockets.
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Best answer: Gossamer Gear sells a two similar bags. Here & Here
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I see lightweight backpacks that look like stuffsacks with a drawstrings that are anchored to double as shoulder straps. They tend to be pretty lightly made and simple. I don't know what they are called exactly, but seem to turn up plain or with big logos. I can't seem to find any links, because I'm not sure exactly what they're called, but I see them all the time.

I have an inexpensive Jansport daypack that is just like their other inexpensive daypacks, except it's made from nylon mesh rather than cloth. The mesh is much more collapsible than normal nylon cloth they're made from, so when it's empty, it doesn't have much form. However, being mesh, it has minimal protection from the elements and prying eyes.

Perhaps one might try DIYing a Tyvek backpack. The Outlier looks to be made from a very similar material, Tyvek being a non woven polyethylene material often used in construction that's a heavy paper-like fabric, easily cut with cutting tools, but damn near impossible to tear. Google DIY Tyvek backpack for ideas.
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Best answer: REI's flash pack is similar.
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If you want to make your own but want something lighter and stronger than Tyvek, check out cuben fiber. I'm going to make a camping tarp out of it eventually.
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Would the Baggu Daypack work? It's made out of lightweight nylon and zippers up into its own pocket.
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What don't you like about the Outlier backpack? Or, why are you looking for other similar backpacks?
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I *love* my Gossamer Gear pack, and it has been going strong for about six years.
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mekily: the Outlier pack is out of stock, with no projected restock date--there may be another reason the OP is looking for an alternate, of course.
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My husband and I both have Travelon Stow-Away bags, which are very lightweight, completely stuffable, and, in black, fairly anonymous looking. I like the flexibility of it; you can use it as a tote, a shoulder bag, or a backpack.
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I really like it, I was just wondering whether it was unique or part of a larger genre of bag that I should know about.
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Best answer: Patagonia makes one that's nearly, though not quite, as sleek as the Outlier pack.
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What is a Spectra/Dyneema pack?

Attributes 2 and 3 result from the material, which is slightly heavier, but stronger than silnylon.

Some of weasel.com's reviews highlight bags using this type of material.
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