If you love "Spiegel Im Spiegel", you'll LOVELOVELOVE this........
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I need a (very specific) music recommendation!

I'm looking for suggestions of music that is somehow similar to/reminiscent of/lives in the same world as Arvo Part's Spiegel Im Spiegel. I need music for a contemporary dance duet I'm choreographing, and "Spiegel Im Spiegel" would be perfect.....but I've used it before, so it's out. All my usual sources for musical inspiration are proving fruitless. So, I'm looking for suggestions for a single, specific piece of music (i.e. not suggestions for composers who work in the same vein, or albums I might enjoy), preferably music that is not too widely known to the casual listener (i.e. nothing super "famous" that an audience will already have associations with)...but this is not a deal breaker. I was thinking I wanted something in the classical tradition (i.e. not pop or rock songs), but I have used bands like "Explosions in the Sky" or "Godspeed You Black Emperor" for choreography in the past, so I'm not totally opposed to the idea of something outside of the classical realm.
Not being a music person, I don't quite know how to describe what it is that I love about the Part piece, but I'm hoping to find something that contains some or all of the following characteristics that I see as being present in Spiegel Im Spiegel:
- emotional tone (contemplative, melancholy, nostalgic, aching, etc)
- minimalism
- sparse instrumentation (i.e. not looking for a massive symphony)
- gorgeous, but SIMPLE melody

I need something that provides the same achingly beautiful emotional landscape as Part's work... Can you help, metafilter?
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Kashiwa Daisuke
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Schubert — Piano Trio Op. 99, second movement

Regina Spektor — Samson
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It sounds a lot like Sigur Ros to me - a band Im sure you're well aware of judging by your other references. Obviously a lot of their pieces explode out at some point. One of my favourites is this. Though maybe not minimalist.

What about Samskeyti? I'm pretty sure you'd find something in their oeuvre that matches what you want.
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How about Max Richter? Dig through his stuff and I'm sure you'll find something, maybe like this?
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Alexandre Desplat's score for The Tree Of Life fits this bill nicely. (The movie features lots of big classical records, but the score is just splendidly minimal.)

There's a collection called The Calm: Inspired 20th Century Classics that might be a big help too.
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Best answer: (Also, Ólafur Arnalds' Found Songs is very emotive and minimal.)
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Response by poster: How have I never heard of Ólafur Arnalds before?! Gorgeous.
Perfect suggestion, beaucoupkevin. THANKS!
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